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I say perhaps an hour and a half,


Orca Ocean has closed temporarily does anyone know when it may re-open?

Going on 30\ June so hope its by then :D
Ooooh I can't wait to see them!!

How much do coach trips usually cost from Los Cristianos to Loro Parque? Do you have to book in advance or can you pay on the day?

Thanks :D
Admiral Travel excursions can be found here with a full price list.
Thanks for that toon-coyote! :D
We went to Loro Parque last Tuesday and it was fantastic. Orca Ocean was open :-)

A long trip on a coach from Costa Adeje tho!
We were there last tuesday and the show was on then,it was absolutly brilliant,make sure you don`t sit in the splash zone if you don`t want to get wet because you will get wet!!!,we got our tickets from admiral travel and it cost us 76 euros for 2 adults and a 5yr old,you only pay 9 euros for the kids there where everywhere else you were paying 22 euros for them!
Is it best to go on a coachtrip or can you get local buses to go that far? (I'm staying in Los Cristianos)
There's also this site for a comparison on prices but like I said I think Admiral Travel could be the best
Hope this helps.
I went to Loro Parque last Friday and I can confirm Orca Ocean is open. There are 4 of the beasts and they are getting used to their new surroundings so don't expect too much.

Orca ocean is very well laid out and is as good as the American parks so don't be affraid of seeing animal cruelty.

The dolphin show is far more spectacular so enjoy the specticle. I'm sure when the Orca's are up to speed they will stun the audiences.

Don't book with the big firms, Thomas Cook wanted 47€ per adult and 25€ for my daughter (5), so I went independantly and the whole trip was only 70€.

I stayed in Las Ameicas and the coach took about 90 mins to get to Porto De La Cruz.
if you are staying in the san eugenio area there is a little excursion shop called tenerife sunshine that has really good prices for trips. the price for the kids at loro park is only 7 euros there for under 5-s. Pop down the staff are all english and very friendly, if a bit mad!! :lol:
Can anyone tell me how much Loro park costs if you just pay at the gate?
Im not a big fan of excursion coaches where you waste so much time going door to door round the hotels and being told exactly how long you have to stay there. Id rather make my own way, either by local bus or hire car.
the tickets on the door are about 29 euros ad and 19 ch. You can buy the tickets before you get there, a good idea as it means you dont have to queue at the gates. There is a seperate entrance for pre paid tickets. I would recommend hiring a car though as the local buses can take forever. the excursion buses take 1 hour and 20 mins and they know where they are going!! :lol:

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