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oxygen suppliers
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The cost should be minimal if nothing at all if you can do it thru' a hospital over there.

If your F-I-L has a valid NHIC and can get a prescription for oxygen from his GP, it's just a case of ringing the Translators Office at Son Dureta Hospital in Palma (0034 971 175000) but you
do this
you travel. I *think* they can then arrange for it to be delivered to you.

You might get Jill of Sun, Sea & A&E fame. Happy hols!

Just phoned hospital up and they say we need to sort it out at home before we go from a supplier in england. :que

Contact the British Surgery in Majorca -0034 971 13 50 22

They might be able to offer some advice on what's best to do.
I dont supose u know the email address or the fax number for ere please. :sun2
I've copied this thread to the disabled persons forum here. Keep an eye on it as you might get further help
Fax # 0034 971 68 23 42

Email -

Good luck!
Cityfan - did you have any luck?
Looks like it should be sorted today :tup . I phoned the E111 office up and they told me to try palma hospital again which i did,they asked me to fax them a letter off doctor to say whats wrong with my F.I.L and where we are staying and what dates. :cheers :cheers :cheers

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