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We are looking for a nivce place in June to go on our honeymoon . We would be doing bareboat charter , but are going in June/july was slightly concerned about the Meltimi winds , as it is our honeymoon we ideally would like easy sailing , and lots of bays . Thanks for any help.

Ann :D
Stating for 3 weeks in skiathos & Northern Sporades now - cant wait!!!
Hi Ann
Who are you sailing with? Are you doing a flotilla or a charter?
We are doing a flotilla from Skaithos in August
John :D
Hi john ,
We are sailing bareboat , with oddyssey sailing, they have been very good so far !!
Who are you doing the flotilla with ?
Havent done a flotilla yet but seen them often - looks a good laugh . Have you been on one before ?

Ann 8)
Hi Ann
Thanks for that
We are using Setsail, 2 weeks starting from Skiathos.
They seem pretty easy going, you can make your own route each day & we have 4 free days in middle.
Never done one before, I have done lots of sailing but wife & kids have only done dinghy.
Looks like a nice area to sail, perhaps you will give us a report when you get back?
John :D

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