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Just being nosy!!

Wondering if the good old coach holiday to this region is now on its last legs, or are people still using them?
I've had the brochures sent from Ferris and Sunways but we are having a change this year.

A friend has offered me the use of her apartment near Murcia so we are booking cheap flights with a budget airline and heading a bit further south for once. :cheers

I hope I haven't had my last coach holiday to the Costa Brava though.
I'm going to Blanes in May & September by coach, about the 19th time by coach now!
Hey, i still love going by coach my friend, but it's getting harder to do so each year!
I went by coach for my first holiday to LLoret about 9 years ago when it seemed the cheaper option. However with all the budget flight deals around now I think it probably works out cheaper to fly or am I wrong ? It was a bit of an adventure though and as we got chatting to 2 other couples and smuggled on a couple of crates of beer on after a stop at the Hyper market just over the border it got better. However I think it was just too long to be comfortable took 29 hours or maybe more to get there, even though it was interesting.

I'm lucky in the fact that I live in Essex, so pick up about 9.30am with local pick ups, short stop at Thurrock and then on to Dover for a 2.00pm ish sailing. On the return leg, I sometimes get a lift from Thurrock to home: about 20mins. I like the fact that once I am on the the coach, thats it, no messing about getting to the airport, no silly security checks etc. I don't envy those of you that have another long journey once you arrive at Dover though!
I've always envied those that got on/off at Dover ... although to be honest the journey doesn't bother me ... it's actually the blooming journey through the SE that is the most annoying ... about time they built a bypass to the north with no exits, just for passing traffic :D

Funny, as there always seems to be more northerners using the coach holidays, you would think more people in the south would be tempted to use them to get away from the airport hassle, as it's not a long journey for them
Like Cider and Candida i would and will take another coach holiday but it would have to have an overnight stop en route, i found the journey really hard going last year and was glad when it was over .
i still think coaching is the cheaper option depending when you are travelling , as i have to take school holidays because of my job. Last year the total cost for 2 adults A1 (13days) 10nights was £758 and that included the extra price for extra leg room , this year we are going HB to Rhodes 14 nights £1574, thats a big difference . I have priced up flights hotel and transfers seperately and it doesn't come out any cheaper .
Cider we did notice that there were not as many Ferris coaches or other Uk coach firms on the road or at resorts so maybe the cheap flights are taking over as Ferris also offers flights and holidays to benidorm .
Aye, cheap flights do appear to be killing them off i'm afraid

However, i don't think cheap flights will be around forever, it may come full circle!!
we are driving to calella this year.but will still go by coach next time.
agree with cider,the worst bit is getting to dover(we live in blackpool) it takes hours to get there,once you across the water,the miles go so quick(its our clogged up motorways)
Hopefully I'll be going by Ferris Coach again this year. ( 6th Time )

On the way last year to Lloret, I boarded at Manchester and had a pleasant journey.

It's the coming home trip which was the ballbreaker last year.

After using Club C for a few years we are going to give Siesta a chance. The worst part of the journey is from Scotland to Dover and it seems that only Club C and Siesta are available. The overall hassle free and reasonable cost will always get my vote.
You're the same as me mate, two options only now .. club c, or siesta, and i'm not sure if i fancy either as i've had issues with them both in the past (though i guess beggars can't be choosers!)

both have the dreaded hub changeover system, the only thing i can use to differentiate is that Siesta used to have a hostess service from the borders, whilst Club C didn't bother until London (if at all!)
hoping to twist the wifes arm for a ferris half board special, october half term with the kids ,but she is adamant the house is being done up
If travelling from Scotland have you mnot thought about getting the train down south to pick up the coach as there are now some very cheap rail tickets.

I know what you are saying, but why do i wish to fund a company that doesn't give a toss about running services from my nation?

Same happen with flights ... people going south to Manchester or Newcastle will only hinder the development of direct routes from Scotland

No cash for them i say!!! :D
We are going to Malgrat, Maripins hotel 3* half board, will be our fifth time.

Drive our car to Harry Roffey,he runs " Inland Travel" board his bus and sit back,we ask for the upper deck middle of bus snd its great.The crew look after us, they stop every 3-4 hrs, plenty of space, a couple of films kids love it and are asleep by 9 oclock! Tried the plane but thats a nightmare looking after kids waiting around with 2 million others,carting cases miles and then waiting for passport control with 1 person checking the 300 people who got off the plane.

Maripins is best hotel for families,Pat, English lady on reception looks after all your requests, superb food and a clean room.Plenty to do around town to keep us all happy, roll on 22nd Aug!

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