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Hi. I'm a new member - not sure of my way round the site yet so please bear with me if this question has already been answered?

Could anyone please tell me how to find a cash machine in PEK? I normally go to Yasmine (which I love but just wanted a change) but this will be my first visit to PEK and I'd like to avoid traveller's cheques if I can ...

Hoping you can help :)

Hello welcome to HT Susi :tup

There are several ATM's located in the centre of PEKat the shops and I also seem to recall one just throught the arch to the marina.

Graham :cheers
I usually use one of the ATMs near the arch in PEK, though there are plenty of other around. There are plenty of them in PEK and Sousse. I've never bothered with travellers' cheques.
As others have said there are ATM's just inside the arch to the port in PEK, just outside the post office , we never bothered using them as we took english money and changed money on a daily basis or when needed at the hotel .
Hi was just wondering if you can spend Euros in Tunisia as we are going for first time in 6 weeks.Any info on Tunisia would also be welcomed we are staying in Port El Kantaoui. :tup
Hi :wave:

If you are using the duty free shop at the airport everything is priced in Euros, you will also be able to exchange notes in to Dinar and also give coins as tips if required.

Where are you staying in PEK?
Hi Thanks for that we are staying at Soviva Resort In PEK first time to tunisia as we usually go to Benidorm but fancied a change also where is best place to change money.Thanks again
The currency is fixed so wherever you change you will get the same rate, your hotel should have an exchange and there are a couple of banks and ATM in PEK, try not to change to much in your last days as you are not allowed (officially) to take any money out the country and changing back your Dinar to £ Sterling is a terrible rate.

Have you had a look at the reviews for your hotel? http://www.holidaytruths.co.uk/

There is also a topic about the Soviva here http://www.holidaytruths.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=104737&hilit=Soviva

PEK is very nice, clean and friendly.
Any dinars left over at the end of the holiday can often be changed by the waiters/bell boys etc. at your hotel as they are often given euros or sterling as tips and they are unable to change coins themselves in the hotel.
hi i usully go to turkey and there they prfer english money is this the same in tunsia
No, they actually prefer dinars but will occasionally accept other currencies. They will accept sterling or euros as a tip if it is a case of that or nothing but it is difficult for locals to change coins.
Thank you everyone for your time and trouble to answer my question. I have emailed several hotels to ask about disabled rooms now that you have answered all my other concerns.
can anyone give me an idea of the latest rate of exchange please?
Remember to register ur debit bank cards for use abroad with ur bank to prevent fraud. They ask where ur going & the dates it takes 5 mins. ( 1 more day to go) :D
were going all inclusive to sousse in a couple of weeks time and reading through reviews it seems its the norm to tip just about everybody, so what would you say is an acceptable tip and is it necessary every time you go to the bar for a drink?
Hi crashgoddess :wave:

There is no need to tip everybody, usually the barman and if you want to have sun beds reserved tip the person who does them.

Tip them every day or two not every visit and usually somewhere about 1 - 4 dinar (less than 50p - £2) depending on the frequency you use them and the service they provide, for example if I was using the bar several times I would tip the barman 5 dinar every other day which is about £2.20.

Tip the bellboys a couple of dinar only when you use them. It is also worth tipping the waiter / waitress in the restaurant if you get good service, do this at the end of your stay.

Don't fall in to the trap of tipping everybody all the time as the cost would soon mount up.

Remember to print of a very handy currency cheat sheat via the Holiday Tools tab at the top of the page or from

Have a great holiday

Graham :tup
I've just seen Graham's excellent advice which covers tipping at your all inclusive hotel. I would just add a tip is always appreciated as wages are very low but it is not compulsory. If you are having drinks etc. at a bar outside your hotel, a dinar (approx 50p) is fine. Waiters will often just put the bill on your table so if you are having several rounds of drinks it can work out cheaper to settle up at the end, rounding the bill up to the nearest dinar and perhaps adding a tip then. Sometimes in the Medina, after you have got their 'best price' the shopkeeper will say "And a dinar for me?" The answer should always be to laugh and say firmly "No, you cheeky monkey" as you can rest assured that even after giving you their 'best price' they will certainly be in profit but love to try it on (and they do have a sense of humour!)

Have a lovely holiday. Which hotel are you going to?

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