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Hi Guys,
Im looking at a DIY holiday next year and as usual will be back to Turkey.
Have been checking flight prices for 1st two weeks of 6 week school holidays and Turkish airlines is by far the cheapest. Although it is an indirect flight to Dalaman from Birmingham with a 3.5 hour stop and changeover at Istanbul.
Now, I love flying so the more take offs and landings the better but I have a couple of questions...
Ive been using skyscanner and it doesn't tell me if meals and luggage are included with Turkish?
When we get our connecting flight at Istanbul to dalaman, do we have to collect our cases and check them in for the second flight? or do they automaticly find there way to the correct aircraft?
Has anyone done this to Dalaman before? it really is a big saving.

Assuming both flights are with TK, you'll simly transit in IST so no need to collect luggage or check in again. If its a big saving and you don't mind the additional travel time, go for it. I've done it to many destinations around the world, its no big deal.


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