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If she is well enough, I am sure she would be best placed going to the airport to wait for a no show.

Alternatively contact Balkan Holidays to see if they have any empty seats on return flights ?

Kath HT Admin
Hi chazy ... the Bourgas Airport phone number is listed as +359 (0)56 870 248. The airport may be able to confirm flight timings to you, but I think it is highly unlikely that they will be able to confirm seat availability.

If you use the drop down menu on THIS page of the airport website, you can check for yourself all flight schedules from Bourgas to UK airports. However, I imagine that you would then need to contact an agent or the relevant airline to check availability and make a reservation.

Alternatively as Kath suggests, waiting at the airport for a 'no show' may be worth considering if she is well enough.

David :wave
Hi Kath

Thank you, yes she is well enough to get to the airport, I have told her to do that as I think that might be the best way. I have found this telephone number for the airport +359 (0)56 870 248 have you any idea what the plus stands for and the 0 in brackets? would she use this number to phone in Bulgaria?

thank you
chazy x
Im sorry I dont know exactly. However looking at that the + and 359 will probably be the international number we would ring from here (dropping the 0).

I cant be 100% certain though. Sorry.

Hopefully one oof our Bulgaria regulars will be able to help.

Kath HT Admin
Hi David,

we posted at the same time :D I am trying all I can to get her home, I think going to the airport would be best, I have looked at the tour opps but I cannot find anything, they all list going out but not one way home. On the airports official page I tried booking online but the option doesn't work :evil:

thanks again

I tried again the tickets online thing it gave me these options

13/09 16:20 Doncaster Sheffild Robin Hut BGH5513 Bh Air
14/09 22:15 Doncaster Sheffild Robin Hut TOM3404 Tui-tomson-by-uk

but I carn't get any further :evil:
You will have to speak to them on the phone I think Chazy.

Good luck and let us know how she gets on.
Hope she feels better soon.

Kath x
Thank you Kath x
359 is the country code for Bulgaria. The 0 is the national direct dialling prefix you add if you are making a call within that country but from a different area. This is dropped for an international call.
To call that number from here you have to dial
00359 56 870 248
To call it from another area in Bulgaria or locally on a mobile dial
056 870 248
To call it locally (probably) 870 248.
sorry for the delayed reply ColinWWW, we got her home safely thank goodness, thank you for the info

take care
Thanks for letting us know chazy.

Kath x

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