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I've stayed in all the three main resorts. Costa Teguise is the windiest. I've stayed in Playa Blanca for years and never noticed a lot of wind in the winter. Obviously it's cooler at night in winter as temperatures drop, but IME I've usually found the wind drops as well. The island gets spells of windy weather, as does everywhere else. Playa Blanca does have it's own little micro climate and tends to be a couple of degrees warmer than the other resorts.
When we went to Lanzarote it was in April.
We got sand blasted on the beach in the North of the Island but on the same day Playa Blanca was lovely and warm and hardy any wind. :tup
Lanzarote is known as the windy island, so there are very few months when you will get no wind! Sept and Oct are about the only months where it isn't windy. As others have said, it depends where you're staying, but definitely Playa Blanca will be the least windy.

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