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Have a look on the DIY forum and Flight Only / Airlines forum - lots and lots of information (also known as excel airways).

have looked there,all that seems to be about the flights,as i have not come across any reviews anywhere about package hols.i am hoping thats cos maybe its new for this year and they have a new fleet of planes that they are going to be as good or as bad should i say as a normal tour opertor.should i take the chance and book one of there really good deals thats the problem ive got?

I think you will be fine booking with them, as they are well established group.

I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if your holiday would actually be with Travel City Direct if you booked through XL, as they have recently entred the Med. market and they are part of / linked to, this company.

Infact it might also be worth your while looking on the TCD site too, to see if the holiday is the same / cheaper there.

They are also linked to Aspire Holidays - so this could be another to look into.
yea checked travel city out and it took me straight to the website.
gonna book this deal i think,done abit of research tonight ,since the merger november alls looking good for them and at the end of the day they are bonded and atol reg.the flight times are brill too compared to f.choice and t.cook double the price nearly and crap flights as usual.
anyway guys im sure i will be able to give you all a full report when we get back.
cheers karen
We have used extensive for flights only and have never had a problem (touch wood!).
Because we have a couple of kids, it usually works out cheaper for us to get flights, and book accommodation separately on sites such as if you are a couple ,then usually the package works out best..just food for thought. :?

Hope you have a great holiday :tup
i have used xl for flights for a few years now with no problems. some people are just unlucky and get a bad experience and tell everyone about it but probably more people have no probs at all. Just think about the money you save!!!
I have used for a flight for my mother once and it was great. She had no problems and was given any help she needed as she was travelling alone :)
I have no experience of the package holidays they do.
We have used XL several times with no trouble and will be flying to Rhodes with them again this year
Hi All
We've booked a holiday to Benidorm departing 15th July 2007 for 7 nights with We've paid £950 for 3 adults all-inclusive... which is the cheapest we could find after a long hard search!
Anyway... was just wondering if anybody has been away using xl holidays because i really don't know what to expect.
And also, we've booked return transfers to Alicante airport, so just wondering whether this transfer will by by taxi, shared transfer, or on a coach?
I have travelled using XL airways in the past and had no problems what so ever, but just curious about their holiday service and transfers!
Any help would be greatfully appreciated :D
Many thanks, Suddy
Hello everyone, going with to Cala Egos, Majorca two weeks today, but our tickets havent arrived yet; how long before you go do they send the tickets out, getting a bit close for my liking. Anyone else going soon and got or not got there tickets yet?
Rang them this morning they said they would be sent out in 7 to 10 days before holiday. Seems a bit tight to me? anyone else got theres yet going soon?
Right, postmans been no tickets arrived, effectively 7 post days till we go, what shall I do? wait till tomorrow or ring up again?
It is getting close now, I would keep ringing and faxing and everything until they cant take anymore, then they might do something.
Dont give up!
I have never flown with XL so dont know what their policy is, but its very last minute now!
I would get them to check they have sent it to the right address just in case they have made a mistake. :roll:
Phoned them up again this morning (Saturday) they told me they were posted yesterday, so should get them on Monday :D
We received our tickets on Thursday and don't go until June 4th.No luggage labels though.

Diane :D
dimre have you contacted them about no lugage labels?
I wouldn't worry to much about not receiving naff airline luggage labels you can always use your own.
The sticky barcode thing the airline put on at the airport is what's important. :)
Haven't contacted airline as I have labels that I got free and have our own photo's on.

Diane :D
Can anyone give me any feed back with regard to booking a package with this company. Have got a quote off them for a week in Benidorm in the school holidays which is a lot cheaper than other operators. Transfers are extra but you only pay for over 12's, is this a taxi or bus. Thanks

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