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went on what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday where we could chill and recharge over New Year as my husband was recovering from a mental breakdown, our 14 year old daughter and me but it turned out to be stressful / boring / nothing like what we were expecting.
When i booked online i check all the hotel details they were free mini fridge in room filled with water and soft drinks fab -all inclusive-couple of pools with slides etc and one of which had a swim up bar (ooo so relaxing) two themed restaurants,snacks daily like burgers/hotdogs/ice cream, good range of food in restaurant for kids. lively entertainment for kids and adults.hotel straight onto beech,lots to do :cry
hotel nothing like what was advertised on line.reception completely different,there was no free fridge in pool but you had to be over 16 to use it (daughter only 14)and it stated it was heated but it wasnt. there was only nuts available for snacks unless you ate in the restaurant which ment you were then tied to these times or you went hungry,all the entrainment was for adults.NOTHING FOR UNDER daughter spent most of her days sitting in lounge reading AS VERY BORED WITH NOTHING TO DO- :duh !!!!! we were miles from town and it was quite steep in parts ,not good if you have mobility problems like my husband.There were 6 other families that i know off who were all put in this hotel- who had read the same information as me about this hotel only to find out when they got there that the information was wrongI :que when we saw our rep she said the wrong information had been put on line as it was a mixt ure of the sister hotels in the south and it would be taken down and changed immediately :cry great that ment we had no proof contacted Thomson who said brochure and online details were correct and they were sorry that the holiday did not fit with our expectations - so patronising can you help us get some compensation :(

Sorry to hear of your problems. I would write to Thomson using their complaints procedure, detailing your complaints and any communication you had with your rep in resort. Then wait for them to get back to you. It may take several weeks to get a responce though.

I'd be inclined to write to them send it by recorded delivery and keep a copy. They must acknowledge receipt of your letter within 14 days and then provide you with a detailed reply within 28 days.

Keep your complaint simple and to the point so that it's easy to see exactly what your issues are.

What was the name of the hotel?

Please let us know how you get on.
sent them everything that was requested ,contacted ABTA they contacted them as we had not heard in 28 days a reply off Thomson.Recieved reply off Thomson stating WE HAVE CHECKED BROCHURE AND ALL DETAILS OF THIS HOTEL ARE CORRECT ,WE ARE SORRY THE HOLIDAY WAS NOT UP TO YOUR EXPECTATION BUT WE FIND PEOPLE DO SET THEIR STANDARDS TOO HIGH
well how patronising especially as they have been informed lots of times that we booked online and the site was replaced with the right information while we were in Tenerife, IM SOOOO MAD
Contact Simpson Millar for some free legal travel law advice:-

You can get in touch with the team on Freephone: 0808 145 1358 (Mon to Fri 7am to 9pm) or email:
I think you must have a great case. They had the wrong hotel info on the web. The rep admitted it to you. I would do as Glynis suggests and contact Simpson Millar.
What is the name of the hotel? I would be inclined to change your thread title to include the name. That way you may find others who were in a similar position will find it.
Quite a lot of folk like myself book on-line all the time, and I’d bet that quite a number, again like me, do screenshots of the brochure information showing on-line – just as insurance or in case things don’t go right.
So - if the original poster provides the hotel name there’s a chance that an HT member actually has a screen shot of whatever the brochure looked like before it got changed! That would be great evidence for any claim.
thanks for the great advice i will contact Simpson Millar
the hotel was
It would be fab if someone had a screen shot of the online description before it was changed . i know it had been wrong from at least April 2012 as some people i talked to while we were away had booked up then .
thanks i could do with some luck
i have sent an email to Simpson Millar not heard anything yet fingers crossed
anyone else been to this hotel and had same problem ?
Hello jaxta,
I hate this sort of thing, it is such a shame Thomson did this to you. I can't offer any legal advise but this may help you with your action.
I had a look on the Trip Advisor site ( perhaps I should not put there name on here but it may help you) there are 147 picture of this hotel on there site as well as some reports not very good at that.
Have a look it may well help you.

Good luck,

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