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9 years 9 months ago
There are many mixed reviews about this resort so I took a gamble and it didn't pay off. We stayed in the Golden 5 Paradise.
They have used more expensive materials (hence their rating of 5*) but the workmanship and maintenance down grades the place considerably. It was kept very clean but quality is of low standard.
The staff range from very helpful and friendly, rude and arrogant and extremely helpful wanting a tip. E.g. The taxi organiser - got very good prices, enjoyed a joke with us and was a lovely person. On the bad side, we organised a late check out at a certain time and was told 30$. When we checked out we found that the manager on the reception failed to tell us there are different costs on a late check out according to the time and it was actually 40$. The manager refused to accept their mistake and we agreed to settle on 35$ but then he billed my card charged me the full 40$. Customer service is definitely not high on their agenda.
Food wise - plenty of choice but is of a low standard. Poor quality meat, sometimes warm not hot. Fizzy drinks not chilled etc. The staff try to do their best with their resources but don't expect to eat like a king.
The resort was huge, long walk to the beach. The Golden 5 resort was much busier than any other hotel/resort I visited. I went to Magawish - there beach was almost empty where as the Golden 5 was packed. There are many many Russians that visit this hotel resort (seems to be the most popular) and the entertainment is directly aimed at them. So if you fancy doing the Conga around the beach at 10.30am then this is the place for you.
If you are looking at Hurghada for watersports then do make note that the watersports centres are totally part of the hotel resorts where they are situated and it is highly recommended you stay in the hotel resort. If you stay in a different hotel resort then you will have to justify your entry to the hotel's security, only allowed entry during the day, and pay for all your food and drink.
Note that the Jasmin, Aladdin and Ali Baba are all part of the hotel resort that servers the Procenter. We met some friends staying at Ali Baba and wanted to meet up for drinks in the evening. Neither of us were allowed into each others hotels and this rule was very strict.

Travel operator: You Travel

10 years 9 months ago
Just returned from New Year at the All Inclusive Almas Palace. The complex comprises 4 or 5 hotels which share facilities. Almas was All Inclusive which meant we could eat at any of the restaurants on the complex.

Was disappointed that 90% of the guests were Russian/similar - was hoping my 6 year old son would find some playmates! Don't go here if you want to meet other British - we found 2 other 'parties' of Brits amongst the 2500 or so guests.

Food was very average - very 'samey' and lukewarm. They are catering for the Russians. We mostly lived on pasta and bread - stock up at breakfast time. We ate in the Orangery a lot which was smaller and the food was definitely better than the other places. Don't bother with the pool bar/food - the best stuff gets ravaged by the other guests at 12 as soon as it's available!!!!

Pools were great - find the small heated one at the Golden City to escape the monotonous and loud music at the main pool area. Pool towels were free - but don't ask for a dry one half way through the day as you won't get it!

Staff were reasonably friendly - I got the impression they liked the British as we are courteous, unlike some of the other nationalities.

Would I come here again? No - will return to a smaller hotel where they cater for fewer guests!!!

Travel operator:

10 years 10 months ago
Do not visit this hotel, however cheap you are sold it. This hotel is a massive Butlin type complex full of Russians and few others.

We were one of two other couples. We arrived to a hotel room that you could not swing a cat in. The bathroom had no loo seat, and the general state of the room, awful. We were moved to a better room the following day but had we known now what lay in store we would have moved or flown home.

In the dining room, breakfast, no Cups, glasses, plates as the other 1500 Russian holiday makers had taken them. The food was debase, cold and no choice, no wonder we lost so much weight. The evening meal was much the same but with the added complication of no cutlery.

Don't go there, it will scare the image of Egypt

Travel operator: FAST TRACK

11 years 10 months ago
The food in the hotel is very poor and staff are untrained and rude. Drinks are slopped in to your glass and you are left with half froth. Complaints are meet with the response of "We no there a problem" but nothing is done.

Night life is nil, except for the organ player who sits in his coat all night because the reception area were he plays is so cold.

Checking out is a joy your have to check out by 12 noon and your charge for any drinks while you wait for your pick up and if you complain to the pick rep as several holidaymakers did we were told don't come back to Egypt we don't like English we like the Germans more there more friendly.

I would rather spend a week in a tent in rain lashed hill top than go back to the Alma's Palace

Travel operator: MED HOTELS

C Plant & R Gibbons
12 years 1 month ago
The hotel complex is massive, we stayed in the Almas Palace apartments (the all inclusive part), which were very well located. We were right next to the beach, overlooked part of the lagoon and not too far from the large pool area.

The room was very nice and kept immaculately clean.

The buffet style meals were plentiful, but as a vegetarian I found the choice more limited and quite bland. The deserts are to die for though!

The staff were friendly, but we soon learnt that they either wanted to sell you something extra or wanted a tip.

The beach had quite sharp sand and it was very difficult to get into the sea as there are lot of dead coral beds and lots of jellyfish. Loungers and towels are supplied free of charge at both the beach and the pool.

There was no entertainment in the all inclusive package. There was organised entertainment most nights but cost extra and did not include drinks. There was only 1 bar open in an evening, which was very small and drinks were hard to obtain. You could only have 2 small glasses (less than half a pint) of larger at a time and you had to get your own drink, I wasn't allowed to get my partners whilst she waited in the outside seated area. The local spirits tasted strange.

Travel operator: Imperial Travel Limited

K Swadling
13 years 3 months ago
When we arrived the staff could not speak any English and it was quite stressful just to get into our room but when we did we were over the moon. The room was huge, clean, nicely decorated but the bonus part was the balcony. It was gorgeous and was the length of the entire room.

We had a walk round and the views were beautiful. The beach was nice but too many jellyfish in the sea to go for a swim, the most I did was paddled.

The swimming pool was fantastic, very large but the water was ice cold.

No entertainment whatsoever and had to drink in the only bar there every night in the reception area. No music, very few people, really quite boring.

Could have just about enjoyed the holiday if it was not for the food.

Me and my partner got extremely ill from the bland and choiceless menu on the second day which lasted throughout the week and completely ruined our holiday, we spoke to a lot of other guests who were also very ill & very disappointed. There is no chemist there either so lucky we had bought our own medicine from the uk just in case.

We both lost a hell of a lot of weight through being so ill and obviously we didn't dare touch the food after so going all inclusive was a complete and utter waste of time.

Would certainly never go back.


Travel operator: panorama

15 years 8 months ago
The rooms were cleaned every day to a good standard.

Food no choice pay extra for fresh juice, we lived on bread & ice-cream for two weeks, first holiday where I lost weight.

All staff to managerment level were great, others did not want to know.

Location out of town but taxis cheap.

Entertainment! None

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