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Address: Ammoudiou, Agios Nikolaos 721 00, Greece
Minos Palace Hotel
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Cleanliness 4 stars
Entertainment 1 stars
Food 4 stars
Service 4 stars
Location 5 stars

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Phil stayed at Minos Palace Hotel, Agios Nikolaos in May 2007
The nature of hotel gradings is such that a tourist 5-star is not the same as a western European equivalent. However, this is a good hotel with above average accomodation and general standards. The buffet food was as good - if not better - than any buffet food we have experienced, the room was clean, maintained to a high standard and larger (and hence more comfortable) than average. The position was excellent. On its own promontory with sea views all round although anyone expecting sandy beaches will be disappointed. The pool area is good, with acompanying gardens but the sea is served by man made \"crazy paving\" platforms directly into the sea which were ideal in terms of peace and privacy but not ideal for families who would have to use a small beach alongside. Anyone anticipating activities around ...
the hotel such as water polo volleyball etc. will be disappointed as this is a quiet, understated hotel where tranquility is the primary function.Initially, we thought the staff were moody, but they quickly melted and were ultimately charming and helpful. Entertainment was restricted to an evening pianist... Nice bloke but as an entertainer would make an excellent waiter!!! In short, perfect for complete relaxation in comfortable surroundings, but if you want action and evening high life on your doorstep, stay away!!!

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