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Kardamena, Καρδάμαινα, 85302, Greece

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Mick Twigge
Lovely hotel
1 month ago
Have stayed 3 times at the elga.

Petros and family very friendly can't do enough for you fantastic

Hotel tip: All rooms very good you won't find better

11 years 3 months ago
Do not believe all the bad reviews on this hotel! I just arrived home this afternoon after spending a week there and I have not a bad word to say! No complaints at all.

Yes its true you have to pay a deposit 80 euro. All the reviews said we wouldnt get this back. We and everyone else checking out did. They only deducted 1.50 (euro) for a glass that went missing (drunken nights....) Just make sure that you check your room when you get there and let them know if anything is missing /broken and they will not charge you.

We also heard that the maids were never there, we saw them every day and we did get our sheets changed! And clean towels tho they did keep blowing off the balcony never to be seen again (but we did not get charged for those!) Apart from that it was clean and the rooms were nice, little bathrooms but the sleeping areas are spacious, comfy and all with balconys.

Being self catering we ate out ever night however the food is available at the pool and its really nice too (and a variety of things too!)

Location was great, must admitt was a bit afraid of being between the two nights clubs however this was not a problem at all, its just seconds from the resort centre - great!

Good tip - If you like R&B go to a bar in the resort square called 1960, its excellent and all the staff are really cool too! Was very sad to leave that bar behind spent most of our drinking hours in there! No doubt will be back drinking there before the summer is out! Also go to Nemo for something to eat! The food is great decent priced and the staff are lovely

The staff at the hotel were also night, the receptionists were not rude they always smiled and spoke to us, the maids were polite, the two bar staff at night were a great laugh and the pool bar staff were brill!!

I would def go back to this hotel again, thinking about going to do PR next year and would def consider living at Elga while I was out there it was fab!

Travel operator: Escapdes

Hen Party Blackburn
11 years 5 months ago
Hen party from Blackburn we had a great time nice hotel Butch around the pool was great go to his bar crackers.

Nice rooms, nice staff not a bad word from us the only trouble we had was with some guests, two girls from Manchester who forgot to have a good time. And a family who must have booked the wrong hotel as she was nagging the staff all the time she had a look of figo the dog poor figo but its true.

We all had a great time and would all go back.

The pool is great with great food x x

Rachel hen do Blackburn x x x

Travel operator: my travel

12 years 1 month ago
First of all we had to pay breakage fee which we were told you probably wouldn't get back, we did.

The pool and loungers were clean and the pool side bar was great.

The reps were a great laugh too, had a few good nights out with them.

Hotel staff were ok, didn't speak too much English though.

The only problem was that dog (Figo) it followed you everywhere and if you walked by it with food he would be at your back.


Travel operator: my travel

12 years 2 months ago
The hotel was dirty, the staff rude and unhelpful. You
have to pay an 80 euro deposit on arrival for breakages which you will not get back as they blame you for breaking things that were damaged in the first place.

The towels and sheets were changed twice in our 2 week stay then thay didnt give us our deposits back as they were dirty!.

They charged the lads next door 250 euros for a broken tile whch they didnt brake it was like it when they got there.

The location was good but being right the middle of the 2 biggest clubs in the resort people were walking up and down all night shouting and screaming so you could not get any sleep even if you tried.

Kardemena is great I would go back but these apartments are disgusting and the staff are terrible con artists.

Travel operator: escapades

13 years 1 month ago
As soon as we arrived we had to pay a 60 euro breakage deposit that we were not pre-warned about, then had to get our cases up 2 flights of stairs un-assisted.

The room for 2 people had 3 separate beds and the 1 that wasn't made up had a dirty sheet on. There were squashed mosquito's on the walls (like everywhere yuk) and when you lock your room door from the inside it doesn't feel safe as it still opens a bit. Curtains look scabby as if they won't keep the sun out but there are good shutters you should close at night to escape the early sun & mosquito's at night. Only other problem with the room is the bathroom, there is no shower curtain so the floors a constant swamp, bit dangerous if you've had a few.

The hotel staff were very nice & a good laugh, leave your key with them when you go out so you don't have to worry about losing it.

The pool was clean and the loungers were good, get a nice full English at the pool bar as well.

Overall though, it wasn't that bad and I settled in after a couple of days though if I visit Kardamena again I won't be staying in the Elga!

There are 2 nightclubs next to the hotel but they are sound proofed so you won't hear a peep.

Travel operator: Escapades

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