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Fiesta Beach Apartments

13 of 15 hotels in Sa Coma

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Calle Cards, 15, 07530 Sa Coma, Spain

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Mrs Thomas
Very basic apartments
7 years 2 months ago
Very basic apartments. There was minimum equipment in the kitchenette (1 small and 1 large frying-pan, a strainer and a very large metal casserole dish ), no kettle, only something that resembled a tea-pot that had to be heated on the hob and took forever to boil. I must admit the fridge was new, just a pity it was too big for the space it was meant to go in and had to stand by the patio door.
The wardrobe doors took a great effort to open as they did not appear to be attached at the bottom. The dressing-table had a drawer missing. We only had hot water 2 days out of the 7 we were there. My husband had to fix the toilet as the flush kept sticking. As for the view from the balcony, we had three huge trees growing right in front of us. Some of the branches were touching the balcony

We would not use the swimming pool as you could see loose tiles on the bottom and also the water was not very clean. There was no reception on the site. To book-in or if you needed anything you had to walk across the road to The Gran Playa Hotel.

The cleaning of the apartment was a bit erratic as you would not see anyone for 3 days and then they would come for 2 days and then you would see no-one for another 2 days.

I would not recommend these apartments to anyone.
9 years 4 months ago
If you want ear infections,and cut feet off the pool ,with rooms that are dirty,and very unfriendly staff.Then these apartments are for you.


Travel operator: Airtours

10 years ago
Was pleasently suprised, This hotel was very accomadating, the pool was cleaed daily as were the rooms, even though there was no hot water (boiler blew up) the staff were very efficent and arranged alternative appartments. I would throughly recommend the Fiesta beach to anybody traveling with young children, it is quiet.

Travel operator: Easyjet

Mrs Wyatt
11 years 2 months ago
The apartments at Fiesta Beach are the absolute worst I could ever dream of staying in. The whole complex is in a total state of disrepair.

Staff - excluding Andreas who left leaves shortly, were extremely unhelpful, uncaring.

It was basic beyond words, no air con we had to hire a fan, no kettle, only 3 dinner plates, 3 cups and saucers, 3 glasses, 3 knives, forks, desert spoons, teaspoons, 1 large bread knife. 1 very small frying pan - enough for one egg! One very large pan. One teapot which we were told we could use as a kettle which took forever to heat up on the two ring hob.

As far as cleanliness is concerned - well it wasn't very and not to be expected as only one maid. On our third day into our 2 week holiday our son wanted to sleep on the mattress which slid out from under the sofa (which he had been sleeping on) only to find numerous mouse droppings and on further inspection eaten cover and sponge of the mattress along with all sorts of undesirable sweepings from under the sofa which clearly had probably not been swept under in ages.

Maid service extremely inconsistent - we arrived on the Saturday, clean towels on the wed and Fri of week one, clean sheets on the Fri of week one. Clean towels on the following wed and more on the Fri of the second week - the day before we left, when she also mopped and cleaned the bath and patio doors - only to have to do it all again on the sat after we had vacated.

No bath mat supplied so we had to ask for extra towels of which the majority had huge holes in (probably what the mouse had got too!).

I ended up after finding the mouse droppings asking for a change of sofa bed, the whole place swept properly along with mouse poison put down. They removed the bed to next door which was vacant at the time, so moving the problem, failing to sweep and lay poison as requested.

Two attempts of this request were made which they failed to accommodate. I found myself having to fully clean the apartment myself in the end - not something you should have to do on your holiday.

Over 200 small tiles were missing from the pool which people were cutting their feet on. On one morning early around 3am the night person was seen changing into his speedos with a side knife attached, goggles and mastic and board - mixing the mastic up alongside the pool and diving into the pool to attempt replacing them. These would be found loose in the pool or alongside in the morning.

Various children were treated for ear infections which the doctors apparently did not seem surprised as to were they were staying.

Having made a formal complaint to our rep Leah who I have to say we felt extremely sorry for, we learnt that we were not the only ones with issues or complaints of this site. People complained of a rats nest in the bushes, toilets that did not flush and lots lots more.

We also found out that the owner of these apartments also owns a 5 star hotel (for the Germans!) some of the furniture had its name on it and they were using napkins with the name of it on for those who dared to eat the food prepared in what cant only be described as a shed. Of which had the till nicked from it around day 4, which they followed in the night duty man hammering bits of wood etc for a good half an hour most nights in order to make it secure!

The pool table is not level and the cues were missing their ends! which ensured an interesting but frustrating game of pool - the only entertainment here.

The 24 hour reception area was closed a couple of times when required for replacement towels or to call the rep - I did make a point of asking my husband at these times not to have a heart attack as if shut - he'd probably die as I would have no idea of who to call!!

Whilst as a family we decided to make the best of a very bad situation. I have no qualms in saying how dreadful this place is - I never spoke to anyone who had a good word to say and since returning and read reviews of the past few years on various websites I am amazed the place is still being sold!!

I would not even book my dog into this place let alone take my family ever again. Which is a shame as it would not take much investment to bring this place up to date and equip it with people who care.

This is all factual - and I do hope you are reading this before booking this awful place and book anywhere else!!

Mrs Wyatt

Travel operator: Airtours

Colin French
13 years 3 months ago
It was superb! Nice, relaxed, casual atmosphere and the staff were very friendly!

It was one of the best holidays i've been on! Strongly recommended!

Travel operator: Sunseekers

13 years 4 months ago
Good clean accommodation with pool view.

Quiet backstreet, with everything you needed a 5 minute walk friendly staff and rep.

Excellent beach /promenade for walks shops and restaurants on route to beach.

A fantastic first holiday abroad would definitely recommend and return

Travel operator: aspro -airtours

15 years 2 months ago
were do i start.

these apartments are the worse i have ever stayed at.the day we arrived guests who were staying there warned us we would not like it here,and they were correct.

the rooms were clean.But that was it.there was a old man who worked at the reception,and he was the barman,and he was the security,and he was the pool attendant.(i think these apartments put me in mind of faulty towers ).

the pool was small ,and some of the tiles at the bottom of the pool were broke.we even caught the old man trying to fix the tiles in the pool early hours of the morning while the pool was still full of water.(he did not manage to fix the tiles).many familys staying here,including mine, caught ear infections from the pool,and when we visited the doctor,and told him we were staying at the fiesta beach apartments.his reply was, he has had many people visiting him with ear infection from the fiesta beach apartments.

if you do decide to use these apartments ,make sure you take your own toilet roll,as we were never given any off these apartments,and when we asked for some he just shrugged his shoulders ,and smiled ,then walked off.
the fiesta beach is near to all the shops ,and bars ,and is only a short walk from the beach.

ther was no entertainment at all on at these apartments.
although i visted the fiesta beach apartments in 2002,i have read on other certain holiday sights,were people have visted in the last year ,that there is no change to the fiesta beach apartments.

i will not be returning to these apartments.


Travel operator: airtours

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