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A.T.M. In Malta
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There are ATMS in all the main centres ie Valetta, Buggiba, Sliema, St Julians etc.

I have only come seen machines in Victoria and Marsalform in Gozo.
following on from mandyc, in Gozo there used to be an ATM at the harbour, but was closed as part of the ongoing redevelopment at the harbour. I can think of 3 ATMs in Victoria and 1 in Marsalforn.
At a guess, I would say there are atleast 100 ATMs in Malta, so yes, widelty available !
Thanks both. Much appreciated.
Hello Tony,
I had to go to the bank yesterday so I thought I would enquire on your behalf as I don't have a switch card myself.

Yes, Switch cards can be used to withdraw Maltese currency at any ATM, but they cannot be used over the counter at banks or for purchases at shops etc. You will be charged a fee, sorry the clerk could not tell me the exact amount, so check with your U.K. bank. I am always charged the standard £1.50 per transaction when I use either my U.K. Mastercard, Lloyds Cashpoint or Abbeylink cards, so imagine it would be about the same, if this is of any help.

Positions of ATMs
click "Bank Locations"
click "BOV Network Map"
click "ATM Netwok"
Thanks ingleza, I appreciate you going out of your way to find out.
Drawing cash is fine, I never like to pay for anything 'over the counter' when abroad with any sort of card.

The fee isn't an issue. I have had many holidays abroad where, unless you were organised with travellers cheques and the like, if you ran out of money, then that was it, you were skint for the duration!

The ATM was a godsend in places like mainland Spain and the Canaries, and having struggled on a couple of occasions in Spain in the past, I don't begrudge the bank their cut as compensation for my laziness. :wink:
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