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Hi Nicola

You may get a better response if you post in the Tenerife forum HERE.

Pippy :D
Thanks Pippy,

They do transfers all over the world so thought i would post here as someone may have used them for another destination, but I will try the Tenerife forum also.

hi nicola,
I was just wondering if you used a2b transfers or found anything out. i also am thinking of booking them. I would be using them in Turkey so i think you posted on the correct site.

Hi yes we did use them in Tenerife and found them very good.

We arrived in the airport and saw our name on a large piece of paper. We gave them our name and were quickly taken to a normal airport taxi by a medhotels rep. She handed him a voucher and off we went. Took 40 minutes.

On the way back we recieved a fax to tell us what time we would be picked up and again a normal taxi arrived. We handed him the fax which was a prepaid voucher and off we went again.

We would deffinately use them again.

Hope this helps.
Just in case of any confusion, A2B Transfers is not a transfer operator as such. The company is just a booking agent or broker for numerous other transfer operators, and your booking and contract will be passed on to one of those operators. From that point of view, it may be difficult to compare the service and reputation of one individual transfer operator in Tenerife against that of a completely different transfer operator in Turkey.

David :wave
Yes that is true. We were supprised to find that we were acctually with medhotels, but got the taxi cheaper than if we'd have booked it direct with medhotels. (couldn't do that as hadn't booked hotel with them).

It was acctually really good just being taken to a waiting taxi outside rather than having to walk with the suitcases to a car park where you would normally get transfers from and sometimes have to wait for it to arrive which we have done elsewhere.
sorry to disagree with you all but we used them in fuerteventura and they were useless!!

I won't bore you all with the full story (its in the complaints section) but to give them their due they admitted their fault and compensated us 75% of the total cost - but that was not much good to us when they forgot to pick us up for the return journey and we had a wave a 20 euro note at a resorthoppa driver to persuade him to take us!!!

fatcodycat 8)
sorry to disagree with you all but we used them in fuerteventura and they were useless!!

.....which entirely justifies what David wrote......
From that point of view, it may be difficult to compare the service and reputation of one individual transfer operator in Tenerife against that of a completely different transfer operator in Turkey

They don't make these people Moderators for nothing. :D
I used a2b transfers and they were toatally useless . On arrival at airport we waited 1 hour for them and they never turned up to take us back to airport after our holiday.When we rang to see were they where ,we could not get through so we had to order taxis which was added cost and only a member of our group had the cash we would have been stranded. i have wrote to them continually and recieved nothing.Ruined our holiday with no aplologies. stay clear of them.
I've just booked with them for April from Tunis to Sousse so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've used Med Hotels in the past but the company they used has changed and no longer seems to go to Sousse. They offer a 'door to door' service to all hotels, unlike the previous company who officially only went to certain hotels, though this was 'negotiable' with the driver. Their paperwork is very straightforward and includes local phone numbers to confirm the pick-up for the return, as well as an emergency number, so I don't foresee any problems. Last September the Med Hotels transfer took almost 4 hours rather than the normal 2, with the driver doing a detour via Hammamet and even stopping off for coffee, which was a bit tough on those who didn't have any local currency to get refreshments (unlike me I'm glad to say) :D I'll report back on here when I get back.
We used them for a turkey holiday last september with no problems at all
Transfer times made easier

Transfer company has launched technology that removes language barrier problems for travellers who want to confirm times for their airport pick up.

The company offers clients its service which allows them to make a booking from their moble phone and then view the pick-up time on the day of the transfer simply by tapping in a reference code.

This means no waiting around for a fax to the hotel they are staying at or having to call the company and speak to a representative.

The company claims this pick-up time functionality is a first.

With permission from Travelmole (10 Feb)
That sounds like a good idea, but as I've got their local phone number and a local sim card I'll just give them a ring to confirm pick up.
We used them from Malaga airport at New Year. Instead of a coach or minibus as we were expecting, we were picked up in a Mercedes E320 going to the hotel and a Mazda going back to the airport.

I would certainly use them again.

luci :wave

We are using a2b in Gran Canaria in Sept (we have booked through Travel republic) and am wondering how long before the flight is due to leave they get you to the airport? I won't be doing online check in so need to be there 2 hours in advance - do a2b make provision for customers differing needs? Or are their pick up times always a set amount of time in advance (resort distance depending)?

Just wondering...
I should imagine it will work the same there as in Tunisia where it all worked perfectly for me in May You will have given them the flight number and time of your return flight and will have a local phone number to telephone the day before (or on the Friday if your return is Saturday or Sunday) when they will tell you the time they will pick you up. They know how long it takes to get from the various hotels and that most flights need you to be at check-in 2 hours before take-off.
Thanks - I have their pickup link bookmarked on my phone already for the return info!
:( Oh don't start me on about them, in Marrakech anway.

We didn't actually book them ourselves, the agent who made our holiday did though we didn't know this untill the confirming email arrived.

Arrived Marrakech airport, NO ONE THERE, phoned emergency no. NO Answer. After backhanding the local hotel rep £10 he took us to hotel.

Return to aitport - we phoned the agent 3 times ,(Hotlel reception did on our behalf to avoid any language problems), the Agent,liars, said No problem we send a Taxi, stupidlt we belived them, waited and watched the coach transfer leave and decieded to save the tenner back handing the rep for a lift.
NO TRANSFER ARRIVED, ended up paying £30 ( they relised our delima and were not going to negoiate a fare price!) for a Taxi to rush us to the airport just in time.

I would strongly advise against using them in Morocco - these people are liars and no concern for you whatsoever. I don't know how much the Holiday booking agent paid but we paid twice for it.

********************** UPDATE NOV.2010 ***********************************

After complaining about the service with the company we booked with ,118Travel. We have now been offered a £40 refund. It appears that there seems to have been a booking problem between these two companies. However our paper work did look in order and A2BTransfers did not inform us they were not going to turn up, on the contray they assured us they would and didn't
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