Disabled Person Holiday Discussions

Are you disabled or know someone who is? What are your experiences of hotels and resorts as a disabled person?
I'm about to ask what is your website but I'm guessing its going to be in your profile...

I have a mate who if he is going on another holiday abroad might need your type of services.. so it would be worth knowing your site address for future reference..

couple of questions

what sort of access is it ? ie rear/side tail lift or ramped access?
how many passengers besides a wheelchair (and driver) will it take?
what sort of securing system does it use?
is it forward facing ?

appears I can't count..
Hi AskCy ... you should be able to access the site via a 'www' link at the foot of Mike's post.

David :wave
Thanks I'd got it from 'profile', never even noticed the WWW link button !!!
do I have one?... do I need to edit it... lol
Hi Askcy

You can get to our website via the www link at the bottom of message.

Our vehicles are very low entrance but at the moment to be inline with most airports and airlines, the passenger would need to transfer from wheelchair to vehicle seat. This is because as yet there is no real securing system available that will adequatley secure a chair and occupant except in a purpose built ( ie a Motorbility type vehicle). Many companies might say they can secure the chair but the advice we have received so far and the testing we have seen does not support that. I am not sure that you can actually stay in your own chair on the aircraft, does anyone know??.
From what we have been told to take into account the weight of the passenger, the chair should be secured and the passenger should be secured by means of a belt attached directly to the vehicle. We have seen some tests where the tubular chairs although secured to the vehicle floor, the frame can collapse and fold in an impact.
We would normally offer any intending customer the opportunity to view and try the vehicle before making a booking.
Hope this helps.
most helpful.

My mate has a special van with a lift etc cost a pretty penny but his lad is getting too heavy to lift about now. Got it direct from a local specialist but I can't find the website...
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