Anyone had any dealing with Airborn or Flight Heros? A family member booked on Friday at 8pm with Flight Heros who are part of Airborn. She booked a return to Dalaman for Sunday.The prices on their website were unbelievably cheap, and as she would only be able to go if she could find a cheap flight she couldn't believe her luck.
The only way you can book is by phoning them, when she spoke to them they seemed to have a choice of flights on Sunday, and she was able to choose one with perfect timings for £148.
She paid by credit card, and was told her confirmation would be sent via email.
She hadn't received an email by Saturday morning and when she heard about Goldtrail she tried to phone the direct dial no. the salesman had given her to check her booking was safe. The number was unobtainable.
As far as she was aware her booking was not through Goldtrail as she had been told it was with Saga. She checked her credit card balance and found £239 had been taken by Airborn.
Eventually by Monday after a couple of conversations with staff at Flight Heros she found out her flight was indeed with Goldtrail. When she questioned the amount that had been taken one member of staff told her 'it had probably gone up by the time they booked it' and in another phone conversation she was told 'it was probably taxes and other charges'. She was told yesterday they would refund her credit card but only with £148. Surprise,surprise the refund has not turned up yet.
She will be pursuing this with the credit card company/CAA and maybe Trading Standards.
My questions are...... has anyone else dealt with this company? I have found some reference to similar situations as this on some other forums.

Would also like to know how we could find out if these Saga flights actually ever existed? Does anyone know how I could do that?
Also surely it is not legal to agree a price then take more from someones credit card? Shouldn't she be entitled to a full refund?
Would be grateful if anyone can answer any of these questions. Thanks