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As far as I am aware, having checked for our own flight out, any fluids in your hand luggage must be in small containers, not exceeding 3.5 fluid ozs, and put in a resealable, transparent, plastic bag, not exceeding 20cm x 20cm. Fluids include, drinks, toothpaste, mascara, deodorants, sprays, perfumes, etc.
One small lighter will be allowed, with the lighter fluid measured according to the rules on fluids in hand luggage, and must also be put in a plastic bag or handed in separately for screening.
Electronic/electrical equipment including mobiles, MP3 players, digital cameras, and laptop computers, can also go in hand luggage, but larger items like laptops must be removed from hand luggage for screening.
Any sharp objects, e.g. nail scissors, penknife, pin brooches, must be put in hold luggage not hand luggage.
Hope this helps.

you'll find current regulations for baggage on our two topics on the flights Forum; HAND LUGGAGE REGULATIONS & INCREASED SECURITY .. Q&As and HOLD LUGGAGE: contents, allowances, excess baggage, Q&As. It's also worth checking with your airline.

Cheers guys.

I am flying with Monarch and got the gained info required through http://www.monarch.co.uk/faq/flights/baggage/hold-checked-in-baggage-charges-charter
Just encase somebody needs to know.
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