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I can't remember any of the names of the places that we went to in Bodrum unfortunately :oops: but Gumbet is mainly cheesy type stuff.

I'd definately recommend going to the Outback bar in Gumbet (go to the very top of Bar Street, turn left, and it's 100 yards furthur along, across the road) The cocktails are lovely, and the style of the place is very much chilled out (rock/indie/alternative music) which is sooooo different to most of the other bars.

A nice area of Bodrum is up by the Marina. The restaurants there are a bit more expensive that the rest of the resort, but you get what you pay for, the food was delicious.
Also, in Gumbet, I'd suggest going to Smileys and The Roxy (as you mentioned in another topic about family orientated entertainment before going to Bar Street) These are fantastic places to start the night off, with a mix of familys, couples and 18-30s style groups, with all the waiters/bar staff really getting the place going, before you head off to dance etc
i'm not really sure about the bars off bar street as we used to just have a few at our apartment before we went out or sit in a restaurant for quite a while before heading to the bars.

Once you get onto bar street however you need to give Shakers, X-bar and central bar a go because they'll the really busy and fun ones we found. hope you have a great time there we did :D
Hi Amy, aawww thank you so much for your help i'll definately keep my eye out of the indie/alternative bar that you suggested, ooohhh i'm so excited now!!! thanks again, i'll report back in 2 weeks!!! xxx

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