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Oh flip, how terrible for them! Doesnt look like the luggage will get there before they leave :cry

Have you asked Kuwait or BA if they will give an allowance for emergencies ?

Are they insured ? There should be a clause in that about missing luggage etc., ? Im not sure about the medication Chris, as that should have gone in han d luggage.

Have you checked out the t&C of both airlines - you may get a clue there.

Kath x
kuwait airlines have been excellent, i've been in touch with a nice lad on the phone all day. he was trying his best to get the bags out today, but the problem then is, how long do the bags stay in jfk before they are transfered to the hotel.

So we've decided to leave the bags in england and they can pick them up on the way back on wed aft.

Daughter is now shopping in new york, she needs a posh frock and shoes for a do tomorrow night. Otherwise she wouldn't have been to bad. As she could have wore her jeans all the time, and just bought some t-shirts.

But the worse thing is her hair straighteners are in the case :rofl Would love to see her hair now.

They can't be bothered contacting anyone now, as they've not long in new york.

They are insured, but there insurance will only give them £100 for loss or delayed luggage, which is better than nothing.

I'm more annoyed at the fact, that yesterday ba had 3 flights going out to new york, with seats on them, but they wouldn't transfer them to these flights as the seats were business class.
Sorry to hear about your daughters predicament, must be an absolute nightmare.

We have just returned from a Costa cruise flying from Aberdeen to Heathrow and then on to Dubai, all flights with BA. Upon arrival at Dubai hubby's suitcase did not arrive and had not been put on the plane at LHR. Worse thing was this was about midnight and the cruise ship was due to leave Dubai at 1pm the next day for Muscat (Oman). Hubby had nothing apart from the clothes on his back. Worse still my hairdryer and brushes were in his case :(

The next morning hubby was really frustrated at having nothing else and the Customer Service Manager on the ship advised to buy new clothes. Very limited on the ship with one shop with very limited choice. Bought the cheapest shirt we could find which was a Marlborough Classic at 69 euros :yikes

He had only had the new shirt on his back 15 minutes when we got a call from Customer Services that his case had arrived, half an hour before the ship was due to sail. Anyway we kept all forms and receipts and wrote to BA when we returned. We got a nice apology yesterday which admitted the problems they have with lost luggage at LHR and how it is a priority to sort these problems. We were also advised that they are sending a cheque to cover the cost of the shirt...... Maybe we should have purchased some trousers as well :think

So I would advise her to purchase what she needs and keep all receipts and forms etc and make a claim upon return.

Good luck
Also sorry to hear about these delayed baggage experiences. I speak from first hand when I say they can absolutely ruin a trip away!

My strongest advice is to always split clothes and toiletries between cases and I try and tell this to as many people as possible and medication should always be taken as carry on.

With regard to hair straighteners, although many ladies would class them as an essential, an insurance company wont! Their idea of essential relates to basic toiletries with a few items of clothes if the delay looks like being more than a day or so. Also, the claim limit is often £100-150 which doesn't go far in some countries - fine if you find yourself with no luggage in Turkey where clothing is cheap but not so good in Dubai or Paris!
Right we've received a cheque of BA for the cost of clothes and toiletries

And we've also received £150 of vouchers to be used in the next 6 months on stuff from there inflight shop.

Now is there anyway i can get them to change this to cash. As the vouchers are of no use to us.
Try asking them chris - If they refuse have you thought of flogging em on ebay? Just a thought! A friend of mine flogged £200 worth of holiday vouchers, and got £186 for them!

BA lost my bags on the way to JFK and on the way home again. The whole problem lies with the transfers. It's ok if you are going to London and not transferring on, but when you do then your bag usually gets left behind unless you have left around 3 hours between flights (not always offered when booking). Then when we came home all baggage was left in heathrow again. It took 36 hours in NY to get the baggage and 12 hours for 2 bags and 36 hours for 1 bag when I got back from NY.

I claimed clean pants and toiletries from my travel insurance. But BA offered no compensation despite emailing and writing.
Have you had a look at BA's inflight shop?

If BA won't exchange them for cash and you don't think you'll get a reasonable amount for them on ebay, your daughter could always use them to treat herself to some perfume, make-up or a decent watch.

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