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We have the same problem. On initially opening a bank account 7 years ago at Banca Santander facing the Patch it was fine as there was an English man there to help us,but this is only of use on a personal visit, all statements etc are still sent to us in Spanish. In a previous post about living in Tenerife I gave the website of Bancamarch as our friend opened an account there 2 years ago and they are very helpful, all paperwork comes in English and we keep thinking we will transfer to them also. The branch our friends use is the little one by the side of the Gran Tinerfe in PDLA
.......we had no particular bank in mind during our property purchase - most do online, all charge ; it was the convenience for our apartments location and also the proximity to our estate agent/management that decided us on Banesto, in Torviscas.
English speaking, fully online and accessible here in the u.k, though website pages are in Spanish; charged 15€ for a debit card, bank charges are 14€ every 6 months. Direct debits for utilities no problem. Copies of account details are also sent regulary to your home address.
Account only opened last September, so no long term experience of whether Banesto is any better than any other Spanish bank - only time will tell.......
Also with Banesto.
Also still learning Spanish
Also would like online English version.

Not asking too much when most UK online banking systems are in about 12 versions or Urdo, Chinese and even Clingon! :shock:

Hablo Inglis por favor?


Is still a common start and end to banking queries i make in person

My bank manages to put up signs saying "No Smoking" in English but the fact that the staff are all puffing away like Fag ash Lil, leads me to think maybe they 'choose' which language NOT to speak at certain times.
Makum, I asume your branch is in Torviscus? I am with this branch & whenever I need to transfer money to our developers, I send a fax in English to Juani. I am told he speaks fluent english, & so far I have not encountered any problems with requests not being done. Next time you go to the bank, just ask for Juani & I am sure he will help.
We are with Banca March. The branch we are in is the one mentioned by Vivien Marie, near the Hotel Gran Tenerife.

No complaints, staff in the branch are very helpful and we have no problems operating our account while in Tenerife or via the internet.

Just like at home however!

Its not always the bank that is the problem, the staff, in particular the manager can make a big difference as to how you feel about the bank and the service in general. 8)
Sol Bank (Banco Sabadell) are a fantastic bank. I bank with the one in Las Chafiras and the staff are very friendly. I have also used the one near patch and the one in Los Cristianos. The staff in all branches speak English. Their online banking is very easy to navigate and has a language option. All my statements sent to my address are in English although you can cancel paper statements online (a great option for saving unecessary paperwork). You can also do transfers etc online in English. Regarding your problems with your PIN number it is common for the issuing bank to send your PIN to your UK address and retain your card for collection by you personally. A very safe way to make sure your funds do not go walkies!!!! Have a look at the Solbank Website: http://www.solbank.com
we opened a solbank account in the uk no problems statements in english.
had to nominate a branch we wanted to use then it was just a case of picking up the cards etc from the branch ( excuse for extra holiday to do this :lol:

they have office/partner in london

Thanks for your replies - we will start looking around at the ones recommended, especially those which have online access.
We bank with Sol and have a problem with setting up online payments / transfers which has not yet been resoved. Has anyone else with Sol had any problems?

Can recommend the Banca Marche branch at El Camisson PDLA.

Jesus Garcia the manager and the Ex pats rep Marcus Leyton have given us excellent service and our internat account is brilliant can see all transactions and up to date balance at a glance.

Thanks for the info Pete

Originally posted this last year, but still haven't changed banks yet. What sort of charges does your bank make?
Just checked statement on-line. Since setting up the account in October have only had a single 30 Euro charge for a Non Residents Certification and 3 charges of 27 Cents for postal of statements.

Nil charges for setting up mortgage. Nil charge for transfer of monies to Gomasper to pay for apartment. Nil charges for settling Notary and othe legals. Going over in March hope to be able to set up Direct Debits for Utilities, Basura and Community Fees.

Hi Does that branch have an atm and is it inside or out ? Many thanks
On 2nd April 2005 at 09:11am, vicyvon said:
I would like any comments on the which banks are the best to use in Tenerife, eg speaking English, online banking, clear info on charges etc.

We are currently with BBVA near the Parque Santiago complex for the last 2 years and would possibly like to swap to a more user friendly bank.

Our experience with them was initally good, they were very helpful but spoke only a little English (we are learning Spanish but this didn't help too much at the bank). We opened a chequing account with the minimum 300 euros and wanted a cash card. Unfortunately this is where we had problems, they wouldn't send the cash card to us in the UK so we had to collect it a couple of months later but then no pin number. Despite visiting on the first day of our hols we still haven't got a pin number and haven't actually used our account.

We have found that by paying our developer (Gomasper) direct into their account from the UK, we have not incurred any Spanish bank charges when the money arrived.

Any comments and/or web links would be appreciated.
I have been told by my insurance company that we can only use our car on the Continent for 60 days per annum. We normally spend about 4 months at our flat in Spain using Brittany Ferries to travel across to Santander. As we both hate flying, taking the ferry to Spain with our car is the perfect way to travel. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
You do not say who your insurance company is but they obviously are not prepared to extend your insurance for more than 60 days per annum. Not unusua. You can of course insure your car in Spain. The easiest way is to speak with an insurance broker who should be able to sort things out for you.
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