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When you say Egypt, do you mean the Red Sea Resorts, or Cairo and Luxor ? Only they are about 500 miles apart so in order to help we need a bit of a steer please.
Sorry, mean the red sea area. Loads of the hotels look nice in the holiday books and on the internet but its always helpful to hear what other people think
Its quite difficult to recommend in a way, but as it's your honeymoon, you might want to try somewhere like the Hyatt or the Four Seasons as these are supposed to be the two best hotels in Sharm and a bit special, but it will depend on your budget as they are pricey and also only B&B so you will have to purchase your meals etc Hyatt is cheaper than the Four Seasons.

There are some nice AI hotels up at Nabq Bay, although they do tend to be a bit more family orientated, the Coral Sea Resort, the Laguna Vista Resort and the Tropicana Grand Azure all seem pretty popular and if you fancy a night out in Namma Bay its very easy to get a cab there and back if you want a change of scenery, Nabq also has a couple of small malls which i personally found a bit limited, but there is a Chinese and a starbucks, so there is somewhere to walk of an evening if you dont fancy the AI hotel entertainment, which isn't always the best.

The other alternative is to stay in Namma Bay at one of the hotels like the Hilton Sharm Dreams or Hilton Faruzouy (might have spelt that wrong), or the Maritim Jolie Ville. These are B&B but you can walk to all the restaurants and cafes so you save on cabs and are in the center of all the action. If you like bars and a walk of an evening this may be the best place for you.

Unless you have been to Sharm it's hard to explain, but a lot of the hotels are like mini resorts in their own right with four or five pools, the bed and breakfast hotels often have three or four restaurants that you can use on a pay per meal basis, they have spas and gyms etc so you don't necessarily need a lot outside your hotel. Plus there is the snorkelling, diving, swimming and organised trips.

Good Luck deciding and congratualtions on the forthcoming wedding.

Doe :wave

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