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There is a shopping precinct across the road from the hotel, this was nearing completion when we were there last year. I am led to believe that there is now a Mcdonalds and another shopping precinct, we go back to Nabq bay in 2 weeks time so I could update you better upon my return.

Good luck

Hi Kazee.

Thanks for the reply.I heard that there is a Hard Rock Cafe being built (supposedly) in Nabq Bay but with there being one in Naama Bay, I'm not sure if this actually the case but one can hope!
Have a good time.

looking at the same hotel for next year , will be keeping an eye on this topic.
have you managed to find much info regarding the hotel?
Hi, if you get the chance when you're in Nabq Bay, could you find out how the Louis Tiran Sharm hotel is coming along? Thinking of booking next summer but unsure if it will be complete :cheers
hi were even further out i think!! were staying at the calimera royal moderna and from what ive heard its the last hotel on the strip at the minute!!! can you tell me if that precinct is far from our hotel? and if anyone knows what facilities are there that would be a great help!!

Nabq bay is coming along and there are lots of new places opening all the time although there is still alot of building work going on.La Strada and Al Khan malls were all just about occupied and open for business with the on fish restaurant and peking chinese tried and tested and very good!!!Just got back beginning of August and sign for HArd Rock cafe and TGI fridays still says opening dates given so anyones guess. There is a Starbucks,Mc Donalds,Zone jazz club ,Malibu cocktail bar and seahourse restuarant to name just a few but didnt get time to try any of them.Metro Supermarket open if any one going self catering and for the brave( or foolish) there is a paint ball place opened in La strada. La Strada and Al Khan are about mid way down Peace rd in Nabq if you are nearer the airport there is the Jasmine centre that along with loads of shops and local bars there is now an english run pub called the St George. Hope that helps !!!If your hotel is not walking distance local blue mini bus would only be about 1LE to get to anywhere in Nabq,we only paid 5LE to get from Nabq to Na ama Bay.

I have today booked the Louis Tiran Sharm for June for 2 weeks and the hotel replied and confirmed my booking. I did also read somewhere that the hotel would be complete for January 2009 (hope so). Hope that helps.

Hi lynsky

Many thanks for the info.We've booked the LTI Grand Azure for the 22nd July next year so that gives us something to look forward to.We were in the Dominican this year and it was excellent.Been to Sharm twice before (Naama Bay) and both times we really enjoyed it.Once again thanks for the info.

Hi lynsky, have you been to sharm in july before? We're looking same sort of dates as you but I can't decide whether we will cope with the heat or not. Have been in Turkey when very hot but not sure whether egypt will be just too much :tongue
Hi Jimbouk

Sorry I haven't replied to you sooner but my PC has been acting up big style.
Apart from the comments on this site, there are a lot of reviews and photo's on
Personally it wouldn't have been my first choice of hotel but seeing as it was the only one I could find where I could still get my daughter (13) at a child price, it rather dictated where we were going!
All the best for now.

We just got back from Nabq Bay on Monday night and a few days ago hired a moped and went along to look at the Louis Tiran sharm which was meant to open in June this year and to be honest, it looks exactly as it did 12 months ago, when we were in Nabq Bay last year.

Hi All,

I'm off to the Oriental Resort in Nabq in a couple of weeks (booked it at the last minute for the end of November) and can't wait.

The trouble is, I haven't really had a chance to research the area to see what if anything you can do in the area outside of the hotel (I'm staying All Inc). Can anyone help me with some ideas about both the nightlife in this area and good excursions that can be done during the day?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know this area well?

I'm heading there in a few weeks time and wanted to know what there is to do outside of the hotels. Is there much in the way of nightlife (or is it taxi's down to Naama Bay?) and are there any 'must do' excursions?

It's my 1st time in Egypt and while I can't afford to travel around all over the country, I want to make the most of my stay.

Thanks in advance!
Hi yes I know the area really well. You have 2 new shopping malls called Al Khan and La Strada which are really nice and open air and you dont get as much hassle here as Naama. You will find Mc D's, KFC, Burgerking, Starbucks, Pottery Cafe, Alhambra Shisha cafe, Prada Cafe, Sea Horse Fish restaurant, Onfish, Nathans fast food restaurant, Steak and Cheese is coming as it TGI Fridays and Hard Rock. There is a very very good Chinese next to KFC. Upstairs above Mc D's there is another restaurant and Malibu bar but this is quite expensive. The other bar is Great Brit Bar formerly the Zone which does Sunday Roasts and they were talking about doing curry nights. Live sprots are shown here.
Metro supermarket is large and well stocked and just over the road with numerous more little shops. Down the road at the front of LTI you will find Tony who runs Churchills cafe where you can get a full English, ham egg and chips etc.
Further along on the other side of the road you will come to Arabsat which is a parade of shops etc. Here is a lovely Egyptian restaurant outside. The food is lovely. Then you come to Jasmine centre again has lots of shops and upstairs you will find Pete and Holly who run St Georges bar where there are free pool tables, live sports and snacks such as bacon rolls. He can organise any trips for you and his are some of the cheapest I have found.
Salsa restaurant is here but avoid. Down below is an Egyptian restaurannt used mainly by the locals but again good and very cheap -feast for £2.50 with water. Keep walking along past the roundabout heading towards airport and just passed Sharm Bride and Park Inn ( this is where the waterpark is ) you will find another new mall. There is a small supermarket upstairs with lots of other shops and a really nice Italian restaurant.
Jasmine has entertainment each night outside from 11pm to 2am and the Sahara Shisha is great for chilling watching the belly dancers etc - say hi to Michael.
You can flag down a minibus to go into Naama for 2.5le each way.
La Strada also puts on entertainment outside each eves but it is all pretty low key. The Brit Bar gets a bit livelier with loud music etc.
There is paintballing at La Strada.
A defo trip would be the quads into the Mangroves, stop for a swim and snorkle, lunch and then head back out, round the back passed the new golf course being built and into the desert. Superb. The chap I used was full insured and had his certificate on display.
Another great trip is the boat trip to Tiran Island.
Have a great time - we fly back out 16th for Xmas.
Thanks for that. It seems that my worries about it being 'away' from the main centre and 'very quiet' were a little unfounded then! I shall definitely give the quad biking a try when I'm out there as it seems like a great way to see a little more of the area as well as some sand that's not just the beach!

If anyone else has any further suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
are these new shopping areas near to radisson sas ?, i stayed there a few years ago and there was nothing nearby.
Hi they are further up the road. I dont think I can post a link to a map - pm me if you want it. But I would say about 25 mins walk towards the Mangroves.
Hi Everyone.

Just thought I'd give you a quick update on things in Nabq Bay. There's actually more than you'd think to do in this area. The TGI's, Steak & Cheese and Hard rock are obviously still 'coming soon'! It seems that speedy building work is something the Egyptians don't believe in, That being said, there's still plenty of Western food outlets such as the BK, McDonald's, English Pub (which show's all major sporting events) and does a pretty good Roast too.

The chemists are pretty efficient as we unfortunately found out due to a case of the Pharoh's curse striking one of our party down. There are plenty of shops to be found in numerous arcades which appear to be owned by the hotels and here they're selling all the usual brands of souvenir tat! There's an off Licence too opposite the Laguna Beach Resort which should prove handy for anyone not on All Inclusive.

All in all, I can definitely reccommend Nabq if you're looking for a nice relaxing break away from the hussle and bussle of Naama Bay itself a 25 min taxi journey away. The Tiran Island Snorkelling trip is also highly reccommended!

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