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Hi Hannah, im off to the Royal Grand Azure 4th April when are you off there, im travelling with my 2 children and grandson, by the way im in my early 40s so im not old lol.
hello, im going on the 22nd of june so a long while yet, your soo lucky to be going soo soon
Hi im going 21st june its my 40th birthday same day,we had to changefrom djerba due to flights been cancelled. :cheers
We staying at royal azure hotel ,,does anyone know if everything is in walking distance.. :que
hi im off this morning to thr Royal Grand Azure, i shall let you know what is in and around the complex. Lorna :cheers :sun2
Hi There to you all, well what a fab hotel, the standards there surpass themselves.
out and about in Nabq Bay, well theres not alot to do, after leaving the hotel down the long drive, turning right and for around a mile you will see a mc donalds and a KFC, there are some gorgeous hotels around the area.
on the beach outside the hotel is a dive centre called Derset Rose, also you will see the divers in and around the hotel wearing bright turquose blue t-shirts, booking with them for excursions will save you around £10-£15 per person than going through your rep, and they are the people that the rep books anyway (cuttingout the middle man), and children under 4 go free, i would recommend , be aware though if you go swimming with Dolphins, and your child puts his toe in the water and then not go in as it is frezzing, they say that they forfit your £800 egyption pound. they tried that on me, but i took pics to show my grandson not go in and argued the fact, made an appointment with the dive centre boss and eventually had a refund, so be aware.

As for the exchange rate, well its a joke, i exchanged over here and got 13p for their £1 pound, they will only give you 10p for their pound.

Ismail, who runs the under water submarine and sits in the foyer next to the shop, has cheaper rates than the Reps and he is a lovley man. if you see him soon say hi from Lorna (with the white hair) lol . :tup

a must to do is Snorkling off Tyrian Island, cost around £30, for 6 hours plus lunch and soft drinks :tup
Submarine was stunning to do, be aware they take you to wait in a cafe drinks are on the dear side, then a photographer will take you pic, and try and get you to buy, also they try and get you to buy a poster with all the types of fish at a grater price than in a shop.
allways try and haggle they say no it fixed price, but nothing is fixed, ask for they best price and just try ans skim off a bit, if you think it not a fair price, otherwise no problem.
Swimming with dolphins can cost you between £600-£1000 EGP thats £60-£100 , i haggled this to around £80 adult and £60 child.

Sinai by starlight is fantastic with dinner bellydancers, camel rides and then looking through huge telescopes is so wounderful it is a must to see and do. take long trousers and cardi or jumper as it gets very cold when the sun go's down and your in the desert, brrrr.

thats all i can coment on, as i did not do Quading or safari, but was told it was fab.

so all enjoy whoever is off soon, it is very hot out there. :sun2 Lorna

How was the Royal Grand Azure ? With regards the the exchange rate - are you saying hotel does not give a good rate for changing GBP to Egyptian pounds ?


the rate in the hotel was not good, you do have a better deal here, you can email the manager Mohammed Zayed and ask for an upto date exchange rate, they also do a lot of USD and EURO some were saying they were the better rates tha the GBP, hope that was helpful.

The shop keepers and excersions rates are £100 GBP = £1000 EGP hence we lost 28p in every pound, as the rate here was
£1000 EGP = £127.75. hope this has helped Lorna
Thinking of going all inclusive in the nabq bay aree, would like to be within walking distance of the malls-shops restaurants etc- are the hotels in nabq bay beachfront/near the beach?

Can you recommend a hotel that is close to the amenities.

Lorna, How do you book to swim with dolphins?? Do you recommend just exchanging money at home then?

Sarah x
Hi, about the exchange rate, i would check out what it is more to the time you are going and then decide then, we booked to swim with dolphins with desert rose diving centre, it was on the beach front adjacent to The Royal Grand Azure, they also do a lot of exqursions.
out and about in Nabq bay, there were a few restaurants and bars outsid RGA, a few shopping malls, futher down nearer Tropicana grand azure, you find Mc donalds and kfc, plus alot of shops, pubs etc. hope that helps, and from what i could see most of the hotels in the area were lovely.
Thanks, so where do you go to swim witht he dolphins then? They arent captive ones are they?
yes they are captive ones ie: brought up in captivity, they are well looked after and are members of the equvilent of rspca over here.
it was just the other side of Namma Bay, around a 20 min drive hope that helps.
Dear Nano 26,

Can you send me the map of nabq bay (Holiday Village) as I am going in June. Is there any tips on how to deal with the money. Is it better to take English money then exchange over there.
Any advice on how to book trips and where to go as going through the reps can be dear.

Can children aged 13 years do quads or sand buggies?

Can you tell me if there are water parks in nabq bay open to the public and if so where please.

I would welcome any other information.


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