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The sound absolutely creased us up
I know what you mean WestEndGirl. 8)

Where I live they come out at about midnight. Unfortunately this coincides with my last ciggy and a brandy out on our terrace while Mrs Makum gets ready for bed. When we first moved out it was weeks before I managed to drag a rather annoyed Mrs Makum from the bathroom in time to hear them. For at least 4 weeks she thought I was loosing the plot! In fact after about three weeks of it I began to think I was loosing the plot!

As you say (and the audio link proves) such a strange noise and more worryingly it so difficult to describe to someone without giving them the impression you are stark raving mad :shock: :D

So not only is this thread informative it's also providing a much needed service to the poor soles that may think (like I did), that this noise comes from the bottom of a brandy glass! :shock:

Rest Assured its real folks. Look up and you will see them in the night sky.
Did you know that Tenerife is a bird watchers paradise.?
People come to the Island just for that reason because of the short distance to Africa, the Canary Islands are visited every year by many migratory bird species that fly south in autumn in search of warmer places and go back to Europe in the spring. .
There are 2 pigeons that are endemic to Tenerife and numerous plant life.

SanJi xxxx
I have just found your letter about these strange birds.

We have a place in Palm Mar and 1 night i heard these noises while in bed. I was realy nervous so i woke my husband up so he could here. I thought they sounded prehistoric!

So great now i know what there called and i have also heard them on here brilliant!

Thanks for info :D
most likely to be birds from the parquo los agilies ,not sure of spelling , been there plenty of times and still not seen everything , a lot of the birds there are free flying, a truly amasing place to spend a day

Yes we heard this bird while staying in Costa Adeje, it was at night, christened him Donald, sounded like Donald Duck!
Hi just to say these birds i heard were the Corys Shearwater after hearing them on the http:// i now know for sure.

Having listened, definitely the cory shearwater.
These are cory's shearwater I am at this minute in El duche listening and watching them fly overhead. If you google them it shows you what they look like but if you google cory's shearwater sounds it comes up with the sound which to me sounds sort of like Mr Punch on a mission ha ha
Couldn't sleep in tenerief tonight so went out on the balcony at 0200, I heard the most bizzar sound, like a Punch and Judy puppet show, or even a Jews harp! I searched for some forums and found your experience, and the helpful replies. Having downloaded the sound links I can definitely identify the call as a Corey's shearwater. I have no idea what they look like because it's pitch dark, but the call is the wiredest sound I've heard! Thanks though for the helpful post!
Hi there i also heard these calls near Adeje and am also fairly knowledgable about birds, however this call threw me for a while, but after searching on the internet found that they are indeed corys shearwaters , we also heard them some 4 miles inland of Adeje at restaraunt near the Barranco de infierno, i believe they may be roosting at night in the hills behind Adeje
I seen a kestral chasing a cockateal and the bird landed by me so I had a cockateal for the day. but the white birds are only out at night. there are 5 birds flying over my head but we are looking at the underneath they wings so they mite not be white think they mite be heals
they are a type of Segal that makes the same sound as a chicken I have been talking to the local people that done my head in as well
the local guy said they talk to one and other lol
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