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i had one last year on baga beach,(was visiting for the day from candolim)45 mins massage,was very good,cant remember the price exept it was cheap! :) was very relaxing,then i bought a pineapple off mamma!.
Thanx re the info. The thought of Mamma selling pineapples/coconuts/bananas on the Beach brings such happy memories and brings our forthcoming holiday into sharper focus. Less than 50 days.

Helen&Clive xxx

any other recent info u might want to pass on re Baga more than welcome :) :) :)
I had a massage it cost 400rps but it was on candolim beach and not on baga,must say i did feel relaxed after But have had better BUT it did cost more so it's you get what you pay for. :gluck
are massages regular occurence on beaches??

do you look for them to come to you or is it a designated spot?
Lots of people have massages on the beaches. They come round and ask people if they want one.They do them on the sunbeds. A lot of people think they are great but I am not keen. I have tried one but didnt feel any better. They are not professionals and some dont wash their hands in between each one.
I had a massage on Calangute beach, the massage lady worked in the shack( Jonnys) next to the Goan Heritage, and she was great and it felt wonderful, she also massaged my hair with oil and told me to leave the oil on for a few hours, so when we went back for a shower and i washed my hair it was so soft and shiny better than any hair products you get here, i had one every day just for the head massage :D
I think they do relax you, although they are not what i would say a
proper massage.They are good for getting some oil into your dried
out skin 8) .As far as prices are concerned they range from 200 rps to 600rps and have found they will barter. If they have not had much work.
they normally last about an hour.If you have 2 a week we pay 250 each.
session each.You might have to try several until you are happy with one of them.Some are rubbish and can hurt you.Recomendations are best bet.
They are also some of the best paid workers on the beach. :D
This ones a cracker :hmmm my husband had been watching everyone geting a massage for over a week and he said im gona have a massage before we go home ....so we arranged with two ladies to do one for him the next day in the late afternoon ....well when the time came they wanted him to go up the back of the shack for the massage :hmmm what I said and why :?: and the ladies said the police were about does this sound normal or what :hmmm
No babe
they are after extras

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
This seems to be a fairly common practice since all the sellers were banned from the beach a few years ago. A number of the shacks have small lean to's on the side and I have seen a lot of people getting massages there. Never fancied that as I generally sleep through a massage and it is usually too noisy so close to the shack.
:rofl Gin lizzy he is a S**y hunk so that is very possible :love
The massage that we had on CoCo Beach was done very professionally in a lean-to with 2 separate couches, a married couple were the masseurs, Can't remember what we paid BUT it was very relaxing, the oils were wonderfully fragrant and we were able to have a doze after if we wanted. we were obviously just lucky to find this 1 but that's what we would like to find again (preferably on Baga Beach !!!) 8) 8) 8)

Helen and Clive xx
The reason the shack masseurs want you off the beach is to stop them having to pay extra to the police if they walk past, The majority of the masseurs help in the shacks and work very long hours, they do not get paid by the shack owners but are expected to clear dishes and wash up when not massaging they also have to pay the shack owner (approx 1000/- every week regardless of how many massages they have done) for the privalige of using the shack so barter all you like but bear these facts in mind.
I think the last post is spot on regarding the payments the girls who work in a shack have to make to all and sundry for the privilige of carrying out their massages I,ve been visiting Goa for many years now and to suggest that there is a thriving trade in "special massages" going on is frankly laughable, anyone who knows how the shacks are set up and how things work would tell you that. The girls have enough trouble trying to make an honest living and have to pay enough in bribes to do so without setting up "special parlours" for extras. Quite apart for anything else, in the shacks, behind the scenes, there is more people slaving away than out front so any massage parlour back shop is hardly private Goa is certainly changing, but whatever it's changing into, I do'nt think the excesses of Thailand is one of them Alan
i totally agree alan
i had one on candolim beach except baga beach. Massage was very relaxing. Then I thought that why not buy a massager to avoid these kind of wastage of money. Then I decided to bought a massager then after many searching finally I found Zarifa Neck and shoulder massager. The neck massager relaxes and rejuvenates you, so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time in pain.
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