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Where is it you are going to Jane?
If you go online and look at the hotel on the TC website , go to the section for the AI breakdown, generally right at the bottom of the page. This will tell you what is and is not included. I have never heard of the fridge being charge for. Wifi yes, water is generally included . Maybe the pool towels is not a charge but a deposit and returned at the end. I have paid for a safe but never at an AI.
It could be that guests with TC have a different arrangement with the hotel and these things are included. But check online x
Hi Fiona,
Odessa Hotel, Protaras, Cyprus. 😃
Hi Wendy,
l have checked the 'all inclusive' list on the TC website and everything is mentioned as being included apart from there being no mention at all of the use of a safe (which l would have assumed is an essential). Soft drinks are mentioned which I would expect to include bottled water. My issue is that despite this list from TC, recent holiday makers who have stayed at this hotel say this simply isn't the case and they have been charged sometimes non refundable deposits for the above items. It's one thing the tour operator saying you don't have to pay for it but another when the hotel itself charges for it.
Still waiting on a response from TC, have emailed different department today.
I've stayed in 4*- 5* AIs on a number of occasions; quite often the safe has been an extra charge,also free wifi is often limited to public areas with an extra charge for the room; premium items stocked in the fridge are also sometimes charged for (eg spirits, chocs) but never standard items like beer or soft drinks - only had to pay for a fridge itself when it wasn't a standard room fitting and we asked for one.
Never had to pay for water,bottled or otherwise in an AI.
I can remember one AI in the Carib. which charged up front for beach towels but refunded the charge on returning the towels/towel cards. When I queried with the management it was because so many guests had been taking them home with them !!!
To be fair Sandals is an upper market brand, so to compare an AI in Protaras with it??
This is what the hotel's website states:-

PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVEAll Inclusive includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks in between, unlimited local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, ice creams and coffee/tea from 10:00 till 00:00 hours. Premium All Inclusive includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks in between, unlimited local alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea ice cream between 10:00 till 00:00 hours, safe box in room, Wi-Fi in public areas and visits to each of the a la carte restaurants once per week.

Here's their email address:-
I'm struggling to find this hotel on Thos Cook website - was it actually a complete Thos Cook package or something put together by TA?
This is from the Thos Cook website:-

What's included in the All Inclusive package?
  • Buffet restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner including a weekly theme night
  • One free visit per week to Sofa Sofa à la carte restaurant and lounge (May-Oct, reservation required)
  • Drinks 10am-midnight including a selection of local cocktails
  • Snacks and ice cream are served at selected times throughout the day
  • A variety of daytime sports, games and activities including aquaerobics and tennis
  • Evening entertainment programme including shows, bingo and quizzes
  • Buffet restaurants
  • Sofa Sofa à la carte restaurant (May-Oct)
  • Poolside bar
  • Café bar
  • Lobby bar
  • SWIM & SUN
  • Outdoor swimming pool with sun terraces
  • Kids' pool
  • Sunloungers and parasols
  • Pool/beach towels
  • Gym
  • Games area
  • One free visit per week to the sauna and whirlpool
  • Mini-disco
  • Cots
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lounge area
  • Planned visits by our reps at least twice per week
  • Massage
Thank you. I have seen all this but my issue is the fact that other Thomas Cook customers who have stayed at this hotel recently are saying they have had to pay for some of the above whilst TC are advertising it as all included in the price of the holiday. So technically it's not all inclusive.
And clearly, there is a problem here because Thomas Cook still haven't replied to my email asking them to clarify the situation others have reported in their reviews.
Yes it is a Thomas Cook holiday but I struggle to find it (as a general enquiry) on their website as well.
Unfortunately Jane, it's quite common for AI hotels in Europe (particularly Greece & Cyprus) to have exclusions to the Ai, usually things like Wi-Fi, premium branded drinks ands mini-bar. Additionally, mainly in Greece, air conditioning and room safes are often extras as well. That said, a lot of these are covered by the Thos Cook definition I quoted, so I share your concern that people are being asked to pay for them. I can only suggest that you a) raise it with your rep onsite at the earliest opportunity, and b) take not of all your unexpected costs and raise it on your return with Thos Cook customer services.
I'd take a copy of Doonhamer's list above as well 😉

Also, if you do need to report to your Rep get a copy of your complaint.
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