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Ruth Chris steak house it's amazing. Make sure you go their for a steak.

I promise you will be happy I recommended it...
Thanks Lance
Just been looking at their menu
OH loves steak. I like them as well but think I would try the blue crab cakes :)
Ruth's Chris Steak house
Been told I need to try clam chowder or lobster bisque! Think that is a couple of lunchtimes sorted!
Walk the Freedom Trail. A visit to the John F Kennedy Library and Museum should be high on your list. Very interesting and the mock up of the White House was good. And don't rule out the hoho bus and duck boat trip round the harbour. A look round the Quincy Market is also a good way to spend time (and money!)
Thanks Babs. I usually make a point of the hop on off - like to get an idea of the place and see what we want to see. Quincy market is definitely on my list! Freedom trail too. Must investigate the library and museum.
Well finally getting round to my (brief) trip report.
We used a 241 BA amex voucher and airmiles to get First flights. We started off in Aberdeen at the new Northern Lights lounge. The BA lounge is under construction at the moment so BA are using this lounge. Have to say it is certainly much better than the BA Terraces lounge( not that there was anything wrong with it). We made use of the Concorde lounge on way out and in. Well you have to don't you? :-D
On the way back we found us sitting next to a Mubarak entourage. Not sure which it was- think it was one of the sons. They were certainly being fawned over!
Our flight over was one of the best I have had. Great crew- very proactive and food was really good( it can be a bit disappointing sometimes) We arrived in Boston at 10.20 pm and were through security very quickly( unusual), bags collected in a taxi before we knew it! Our hotel was Kimpton Onyx. We had been to the Kimpton Monaco in San Fransisco and it was stunning- very art deco. This one was nothing like it! But we knew that beforehand. Hotels are so dear in Boston. I have just done a review and will post a link when its approved. We had slept a few hours on the plane so were wide awake- even if bodyclock knew it was really 4am!! Went to a sportsbar next door for a couple of drinks. So should have been exhausted but found myself wide awake at 6am!!
We didn’t really get as much done as we would normally do. I am still not 100% so we went at a slower pace with quite a few breaks! The weather for 3 days out of the 4 was not expected for this time of year. It was about 75 degrees- about 15 degrees higher than normal. We always started off with breakfast at Quincy market which is 5 mins walk from the hotel. Love that place! We used the hop on/off for the first couple of days and that took us to most parts of the Freedom Trail. We had to stop off at Cheers as well naturally! Our first bus driver had me thinking I couldn’t get to grips with
the Boston dialect. I understood some bits then he would start talking really
quickly and I hadn’t a clue. The others were fine though. Lunch for 3 of the days was at James Hook, which is a must do. Looks like a big shed, located 5 minutes from Quincy market. The lobster rolls were just amazing! On the day we walked everywhere I was exhausted by lunchtime!! We visited the USS Constitution. We actually arrived on the Constitution weekend. We decided not to get off at that
stop on the hop on/off as it was just crowded. However, when we walked there on
the Monday it was just so hot it was exhausting. Enjoyed it though. We had a
long stop half way back on to our trail.
We had a wander around Little Italy, which does have streets that just must have been used in film sets! We visited Paul Reveres house there. I did learn a lot that I didn’t know before, there,
and at other parts of the Freedom Trail. We took a second walk up to Boston Common, this time armed with bags of nuts so we could feed all the squirrels there. They just ran up to you and take them from your hand. We were going to head to China Town but I really couldn’t do any more by then. Anyway, we needed to be back in time for the hotel’s wine hour :cheers
My big disappointment was the much anticipated Whale watching trip on our last day. We woke up to fog!! We had 4 hours on the boat and the fog did come and go and then eventually
completely disappeared just as it was nearing turning back time but we didn’t
see any!! They give you free tickets to use if you return- no time limit to them. Not sure we will be back unless OH decides to run the marathon again.
I learned quite a bit about American football- seems a bit more exciting than our version. Not sure about the three different teams within one. They just seem to spend their time
running off and on!
We had an early flight home-7.45 am. Visited the new lounge and was quite impressed. You board straight from the lounge. Only done that once before- think it was San Francisco. We had
another good flight home. Everybody put their watches forward 5 hours as soon as they got on the plane so it didn’t seem too bad having a drink ! I stuck with just a couple of glasses of champagne though! What I particularly like about the States is that everyone is so friendly and will just strike up
conversations with you. Everyone seemed to like our Scottish accents! And we
were asked what we thought about Trump but we won’t go into that!
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Great report Fiona 👍 You certainly packed a lot in even though you were only there for a few days.

Love the accent tale, I always remember being in a ski lift in Switzerland & a party of old American ladies got in with us. My boyfriend (at the time) & I were talking together when one old dear said "Oh my gawd just listen to their accents - sooo cute" 😂
Knowing the part of Scotland where you live, Fiona, I hope you'll see the funny side rather than being insulted but when I first moved up to the East Coast I had to teach a regular class up in Aberdeen once a week. The drill was a taxi on the college account down to Dundee train station and hopping on the train north then doing the reverse on the return journey. It was the same regular pool of drivers and halfway through that first term the driver asked me how I was getting on understanding the local accent and dialect. I replied that my ear was getting tuned into Dundonian but that the Aberdeen accent still had me foxed at times, especially since many Aberdonians had a very clipped way of speaking. To which he replied 'Don't worry, hen, Aberdeen is populated by a lot of failed ventriloquists - even I can't understand what on earth a lot of them are going about half the time!'
I have had people ask if I am speaking in German before :rofl I wouldn't care but I was born in Hertford and my mum and dad had had to change how they spoke so that people could understand them. So my accent is actually not as broad as most. We did move up again when I was four.
OH does go back to Aberdonian when he wants to say something when we are abroad but doesn't want anyone else to understand him apart from me! (He works with Norwegians so has had to change how he speaks)
Sounds like a great trip. My brother-in-law lives in Connecticut (2 hours drive from Boston) and we flew Glasgow to Boston via Dublin when we went to visit a few years ago. We drove back up to Boston when he was at work and took in Lexington and Concord (which are part of the Paul Revere story) plus the Louisa May Alcott house on the way. We had a couple of nights near the airport and took in so many of the sites you saw too, although we had a 9 year old and a 12 year old in tow so it needed to be a bit more child friendly.
I spoke to my brother-in-law a couple of days ago and he was saying that they have been having very mild weather for the time of year, although we were over in October last year and had great weather then too.
I somehow lost my reply! Try again- I can imagine children would find it tiring. In fact we saw some very weary children being dragged around. We just didn't see all Boston I had planned but we did enjoy it!
Our hotel had a Mexican restaurant in it so the kids were in their element. We planned a few hours at the science museum and ended up with most of a day there but having dragged them round the Freedom Trail the previous day it was payback time. Over the years we have taken them to many cities but managed to combine the sights with child-friendly places (we took the train from Glasgow to Paris a couple of weeks ago for the October holiday week but had time at Disneyland as well as time in Paris).
Did you go to the the aquarium ? Looked like it would be good.
We have done aquaria in various cities so gave it a miss.
Forgot to add my hotel review link
Kimpton Onyx
Read your review Fiona, 17 dollars for 2 waters from the minibar, ouch! (And you didn't even drink them!)
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