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i find that absolutely with another company...
What a shame for you. I live in the south slap bang between Heathrow and Garwich but that must be a real downer. I second Val and Rob. Try another air line. What about First Choice. They seemed to suffer with far less delays in and out of Gran Can last year - well on the day of our flight home anyway!
thomsonfly/brittania/thomsons seem to do plenty of flights to Gran Can from Manchester, although i think sometimes the flight times are not so good.. but hey..owt is better than nowt..
thanks val and rob
but neither have seats available at easter next year
do you have to fly from manchester or are you happy to consider alternatives? we always fly from Donny these days but that is purely because it is right on our a push we would fly from other airports such as EME, Manchester or Humberside.. mind you, i think from my research, most have pretty rubbish flight times to Gran Can these days...
to val and rob
thanks for the options but where i live we see the pilots faces as they land at manchester
I believe they're also stopping Gran Canaria from Gatwick too, from early next year, along with Fuerte. Tenerife and Lanzarote are the only two they'll still do.
aland.. if i lived that close to the airport i wouldn't travel from anywhere else either...anyway.. so they are stopping from gatwick too? I can't understand why they would do this as Gran Can is a popular destination for us poor brits in search of a bit of sun.
i am now thinking i have upset someone at ba
i have had flights booked since dec last year to tenerife from the 2nd to the 9th december this year with nicely timed flights ]
1500 hours out 2100 hours back
so i thought it was all sorted
booked accomodation for all the last day
so can leave at 1800

and now a slight change in flights
700 outbound
1230 return

an 8 hour change

i could bloody scream aahhhhhhh
you are not going to believe this

tuesday they change the time of the flights

friday they change the flight ticket type from traveller
to economy and now you have to pay for all food and drink

ps one reason we booked the flights was free food and drink

they must really hate me

is there anything i can do ?

thanks alan
Cancelling flights from Gatwick! Noooooooo!
Mind you, romour has it that one of the budget airlines (Easyjet?) are have got their eyes on this route.
ps good job I have no holiday planned at Anfi next year.
Hi Alan,

Thomas cook have seats available for next year, obviously depending on when you want to go but they fly I think Wednesday and Saturday so you could fly out the Saturday after Good Friday although at the moment I would be pretty sure that the seats will be at a premium.

Let us know how you get on

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