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I have just got back from Florida, book through Broadway Travel. I have to say I was dubious at first, but everything was fine. Flights - great, accomodation - great. Superb value for money. I will be booking again.

The only thing that I was not happy about and THIS IS NOT DOWN TO BROADWAY TRAVEL was Dollar who scheme to add extra stuff the the car hire, they don't ask you they add it anyway and hope you don't query it. They tried to add $78 using my debit card and when I asked them what it was for they said extra cover (Equivalent to our AA or RAC) just in case you have a flat tire maam. I requested they remove this and they were quite shirty...... Also the current price for petrol was maximum $3.29 and they managed to charge $4.40----- a bit naff eh. :duh

I don't know if this is typical of all care hire businesses in America. They also said they had given us a free upgrade, but it seems the Chrysler PT Cruiser, although a nice car is the very basic. :que
Hi i'm new here and looking at booking with Broadway for next september and i was wondering what type of planes they use for the journey??
Can anybody shed some light on this as i have scoured their sight and there is no info anywhere with this. :tup
broadway are a travel agent, they do not have their own aircraft but buy seats from both the budget and the charter market, so it will depend on who they book your flight with

hi i'm looking at them also
just to see if anyone recently been using them :tup bit wary of booking at moment with all the places going belly up :(
my dealings with broadway travel so far are poor .my flight is for 7th sept .been told a couple days ago my tickets etc would arrive in a couple of days .emailed them twice .plus phone twice today ,put on hold for over 8mins both time then cut off(luton office)phone newcastle office they sent email plus my phone number to luton .still no reply .first time dealing with them .never waited so long for tickets .plus never been treated so poorly .im just a new member was looking to see if there was anything about broadway .will update this when i get hold of them.received email from them today .ticket will be sent first class on tuesday .i fly out on following monday .should receive tickets by thursday .make your own mind up if thats cutting things fine phone broadway travel today wednesday.they still have not sent out its a joke .tried complaining to head office another joke .phoned abta .waiting for call back .either way ,never using they again .maybe im unlucky .but they keep coming up excuses .so be very careful using them .will update it .if i get tickets etc .or have to book another holiday.still no word from them .seems i might have to book another holiday on saturday.will phone them on friday plus abta to find out were i stand .i will need a holiday just to get over this 1. cant say what i think of broadway travel .but i would need a very very big chapter. now thursday no tickets .when i get throught to ppl in customer services .they have been polite but keep changing the day they send out ticket .only 2 more post till i go .its friday had to phone them (got my tickets)excuse never had my passport numbers .as i phone every second who knows .girl/lady i dealing with today .was very helpful .so i have tickets .will update how thing go. i had to download all my info(noticed wrong expiry date on 1 of my boarding passes for my passport .hope thats ok ) .sorry but will never use this company again..will update this notice on september the 15th ,ie how holiday was etc .last chapter in th broadway travel .transfers fine holiday very good not 1 problem .if only there was no messing about with my tickets at start .so would i use them again .NO cost me over 15 pounds in calls .sorry broadway but ,will never use yous again .i
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Do not book with Broadway Travel!! I booked a holiday to Kusadasi 3 weeks ago and - despite flying out in the morning - still have not received any paperwork. Customer services are impossible to get through to and after waiting on the premium rate line for half an hour you are put through to an answering machine. I finally got through to someone in the accounts department this morning to be asked "there are seven people working in customer service - what do you expect?"
"Just the tickets I paid £1000 for!"

The staff are rude and unhelpful - very different from when I was handing over my credit card details.

Do not book with them! Any money you save on the booking will be wasted on your telephone bill! Save yourself the worry and hopefully the airport will help me out tomorrow!
To the last two posts I am in exactly the same boat :cry I got through to accounts after rudely being put on holf for over 10 mins by someone who didn't want to take my call who advised my tickets are being sent today 1st class (even though i was told the company I am travelingwith do etickets) I fly next wed and am very concerned :( have you got your tickets yet? or have you had to book with some one else?

do not book with broadway travel all this concern for what is supposed to be a nicely relaxing break so glad I paid on my credit card!!!!!!
I've always found Broadway Travel (or very polite and helpful and have never had any problems whatsoever. I have only used them when booking accomodation only though.

I would happily use them again.

I went on a trip last November to Barcelona arranged through Broadway Travel - NEVER AGAIN!!!
Their administration is dreadful and any calls are meant to go through their premium rate number (avoid by calling 01582 798306). Paperwork received late and incomplete. A transfer had been paid for but noone came until yet more expensive phonecalls made. No mention of extra charge for luggage. Very poor response to complaints both in timeliness and content. If possible avoid.
No mention of extra charge for luggage
- it does say on their website
Baggage allowance can vary from airline to airline and range from no baggage allowance being included in the cost of the flight to 23kg with some scheduled airlines......."

although that isn't very specific and is sort of contradicted by the earlier clause "
Please note that all additional charges are included in the total cost"
I have used Broadway 7 times, apart from the first time when I had to chase up vouchers they have been excellent, I agree with "acerninvest" about the premium phone line but use the number provided below to avoid charges. Remember you get what you pay for and the savings Broadway provide make holiday's affordable for lots more people. Enjoy your hol's:rofl
I booked with Broadway Travel. ABTA said they acted as agents and would not deal with my complaint.Does their ABTA registration actually have any meaning?ALWAYS ask before booking if they are booking the holiday as agents.
I will never use Broadway Travel again.
I booked a holiday with Broadway Travel. The mail pack with all the information didn't arrive (but I did have problems with my postman). I requested the information on an e-mail.... which was the most misleading e-mail I've ever had in my life. It's a long story and I won't bore you with it but I ended up rocking up to Gatwick 4 hours AFTER my flight took off. All I have to say is read the e-mail properly and look at ALL the attachments they send. To be fair, I did scan read the e-mail so I was partly to blame. But it was still massively misleading. a £420 mistake to correct and one I'll never make again!

Other than that, I had an amazing holiday in Rome with no hick-ups.


My parents booked a holiday with Broadway Travel to Turkey in September 2011, and have spent the last 7 months attempting to get some kind of reimbursement for what turned out to be a holiday from hell. Without going into too many of the (lengthy) details, my parents arrived at their 5* hotel to find they did not have a room - they were then told to make their own way to another (lesser quality) hotel by taxi; when they discovered that this was an unacceptable substitute and complained, they were eventually moved to what turned out to be an even worse hotel (with green algae in the pool, dinner tables stacked high with dirty plates, frequent power cuts, unhygienic facilities, etc). Trying to rectify this from Turkey on Broadway's premium rate line proved impossible; on their return, my parents tried to claim some compensation from Broadway. On further investigation into the situation, we discovered multiple failings on Broadway's customer service part (such as failing to pass on details of a refund offered by the hotel supplier for the lesser quality hotel!!). After months of procrastination and stalling from Broadway (they were "waiting for a response from the suppliers"; it was "difficult to liaise with overseas suppliers", etc, etc), my parents were eventually offered the insulting sum of £50, which did not even cover their taxi fares and phonecalls.
The ABTA complaints procedure proved a dead end, as although Broadway are ABTA registered, they are simply agents, and they use suppliers (i.e. Medhotels) who are not ABTA registered. This would be laughable if it didn't have such serious consequences - my parents had specifically chosen Broadway after double-checking that they were ABTA registered. So beware when checking choosing travel agents based on ABTA registrations, as it seems this is a little-known loophole. In fact, ABTA were most apologetic about the fact that they could not help my parents.
After my parents rejected the £50 offer and threatened legal action, Broadway went silent, and to this date have singularly ignored all attempts at contact. The County Court entered a judgement in their absence last month (it seems they are so arrogant that they could not even be bothered to defend the claim) and have ordered the full cost of the holiday to be repaid to my parents. Failure to pay will result in a judgement being entered against them; however, even this does not seem to have prompted any action from Broadway. We shall wait and see......
Used them recently to go to Majorca. The special deal that had been the draw (through Travelzoo advisement) seemed not to be available but booked anyway as all was still reasonable. No problem with flight. No problem with transfers (in fact very good). Arrived at hotel/complex booked (4*) and were sent to another (3*). Luckily, the 3* was actually rather good. Only just advised Broadway of what happened. Not as a complaint. Just to make sure they were aware. Overall, found Broadway quick and helpful to reply to queries at the booking stage. If the person I was dealing with was not available, somebody else came back to me immediately. Anything after that one has to assume is maybe out of their control. I await a response ;)
Had the most rude and threatening woman on the phone last night from Broadway Travel at 9.46 pm. I received a balance reminder two days ago and sent a cheque straight away. Despite this she threatened to cancel my holiday unless I made immediate payment by card with a £3.00 fee to do so. She said she would destroy my cheque when it arrived the next morning. I asked to speak to someone else due to her threatening manner but she said she (Jo) was the Director. Absolutely vile attitude to customers. Will never use again.

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