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Kate & Lee good morning from a dull cloudy Cyprus morning... :cry:

Luckily you have chosen a lovely area, I cant believe you have not been to see the area and apartments before buying, and also made local enquiries on your developer, he may be the best, but first before handing over any deposits it would have been very wise to check all those details before buying, would you buy a house in the UK without first looking at it, but I wish all the luck..

Pissouri is half way just about from Limassol and Pafos..
Hi from a rainy England,

We have not signed any paperwork or handed any money over yet thats why we are visiting first. Can you please give any advice on where we can enquire on the developer? Have you heard of them?

Well that's a relief, I see so many buying from exhibitions in the UK that have not even set foot on Cyprus, at least you have not overcommitted yourselves, really before buying you should have taken a good look around the island and check other area's before signing anything, the advice we give to anyone buying in Cyprus is get a good local lawyer before even looking for a property, there are many sharks selling property here as there are anywhere else in the world, be very certain you do get a lawyer and you are happy with your developer, normally these guys take you out after picking you up from the airport, they make you feel like your long lost cousins, they are not for sure, and usually after you have committed yourselves they soon disappear, do also join a site that deals with issues on Cyprus property on problems you may or may not encounter..
There is a lot of advice on the site link below and you would do well to read as much info on this important issue of buying property in Cyprus, it does have many pitfalls even if like me you have done this a few times, it is best you are fully aware of them...as for your developer, no personally not heard of them, hardly surprising as there are thousands of small builders and developers in Cyprus, it is a little out of control now, unfortunately..greed has reared it's ugly head!

good luck ..

Thanks for your advice. I will join the attached site. We have been to Cyprus many times and love it. We usually say in Coral bay, but from what we have read we like the idea of Pissouri and will be visiting soon. Do you know any good lawyers? The developer has one which we can use, but we dont feel he would be working in our best interests. How could I find out more about the developers?

We decided a few years ago that we wanted to buy in Cyprus but only now have the chance. We have researched many website and read 2 books already. We have choosen this particular company as their agents are UK based and are down the road from us. They also have an office in Cyprus, therefore dont feel they can ignore us if we have any problems.

Is there anything else you feel we shoud be aware of?
On a lighter note how long have you been living in Cyprus?

No way do you use the developers lawyer, would you use a lawyer this way in the UK? no of course not as stated get a fully independant lawyer here in Cyprus, how will this lawyer act solely on your behalf? please do find out more on buying property here, before doing anything further, it sounds to me as if you could end up in a heap of trouble, do your homework this is very important, unless you can afford to lose pots of cash!!

I have been visiting Cyprus for nearly twenty years and retired here when I was 53...I am now 59..you can read all about property matters on CL...we even have a dedicated chap called Nigel who has written books on buying here on the island, what he does not know is not worth mentioning..even a financial adviser for money matters of all description, Vince Martin.., both give you independent advice as will all our other members too...remember most of us have already done the buying bit, we will tell you warts and all any info about living here in Cyprus..

We have a direct link back to Holiday truths site permanently in our links section..

One of the Lawyers that have been recommened..

Demetris (Jimmy) Demetriades
he is an Advocate and has been recommended many times by my members, his phone number is Cyprus 26811668..

email ddlaw@logos.cy.net
Hi Jim,

> we even have a dedicated chap called Nigel who has written books on buying here on the island, what he does not know is not worth mentioning

That's very kind of you to say so. I've only just stumbled across this forum.


Hi Nigel I have been here for years but we all had to be re-registed last year, looks as though we all joined at the same time, great site well run, mostly for holiday makers but the odd post turns up other interest on Cyprus like buying holiday homes or investments, even moving out here...this I guess is where the ex-pats here can help.

Enjoying today's lovely weather Nigel, I guess it's the same over at your end, a perfect day in the making..


Jim 8)
Hi Jim,

Yes, it's a great day in Erimi - I've got to do a bit in the garden this afternoon.

I'll keep a watchful eye here in case any Cyprus property questions crop up. I think I'll have to get an assistant - a journalist I spoke with in Paphos recently had an article published in one of the UK lifestyle magazines that included my website - my mailbox has been graoning under the weight of questions.

Take care and hope to see you on the Troodos piste in the not too distant future.

No chance of that piste Nigel, in fact I noticed an alarming click from my new joint this morning, so off to the hospital again in the morning...I hope it does not mean what I think it means!!

And so do I!!!
Email me with the man's diagnosis.

AKA Charnwood Fox.
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