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A lot of people who are thinking of buying property approach estate agents in the area they are considering for their purchase, so you should think of contacting estate agents near the villa you wish to sell. They will need you to sign an authorisation allowing them to act as your agent, and may need a copy of the villa's official registry document, as a potential client would need this to obtain a mortgage. If you are not actually in Portugal at the moment, then you should think about planning a short trip over, so you can scout around the area and choose two or three estate agents to market your property. In the tourist areas, such as the Algarve, most estate agents are used to handling international sales.

Hope this helps
We are purchasing at the moment and hopefully are close to signing our deeds. We used a company called Algarve Property Team and I can thoroughly recommend them. They are based in Portugal but have many contacts in UK. This is where they get a lot of their buyers from. They also have a very good website. If you want their telephone number pm me and I will do.
Thanks for the tips..

@ Mick - Check PM :)
Thanks for that.

At the moment I am based in the UK, I do see a lot of companies advertising in the Sunday papers and wondered if anyone had any experiences with these.

I also noticed a lot of Germans with villas in Algarve and wondered if any there are Estate Agents that market in Germany?

Thanks again for all the suggestions so far :)
hi Jack . we also own on the algarve and bought our property through http://www.novusmed.com they are an immobilaria in albufeira and we where really satisified with the company help, that is 2 years ago, and if i wanted to sell i think we would go through the same company. Although agents do vary the prices they charge in commission so maybe shop around for the best deal. I do have a site where they show lots of different agencies and i will get back to you with website address.Regards Jayjan
Sent you a pm Happy Jack :)
Many thanks for all the suggestions and links :)
I have recently joined the Sales Team of an International real estate agent based in Vilamoura (Algarve) - my primary responsibility is to increase our English speaking clientele. If you are interested in buying property here please contact me. Thank you
Hi Andre.. thanks for the info. At the moment I am just looking to sell :)
If we can be of assistance please let me know - we have a large base of buyers and sellers. regards Andre
Hi Andre,

Who do you represent.. which company, and do you have a website?

I am still looking for more potential selling agents / agencies..
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