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calais strikes
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it has been raised on ferris f/b page but there has been no reply from them
We had a school trip to Germany depart today. They were supposed to leave at 3pm with an 11pm crossing to Calais. Instead they left at 10am and are catching a ferry Dover to Bpoulogne. Priority is being given, apparently to school groups! When we asked if we could cancel and re-schedule we were told by the insurance that we could only abandon the trip and get a full refund if we set out and had a 10 hour delay. After 10 hours we could give up and get the refund!
i spoke with siesta today about the strikes , and was told they always have a plan b, and that there longest delay this year was only 90 minutes, hope this helps
Just got our pick up time from Hull and its over an hour earlier than it was in May so guess that's plan b lol
plan B looks like it must be the ferry so that may be why you are getting picked up an hour early
From what I've read, nobody seems concerned about coach holidays with the Calais strikes, so i'm guessing it can't be much of a problem.
ferris have said that they are largely unaffected by the problems in Calais-they normally use the ferry- and most of the drivers make a point of pointing out the Jungle as you go past it on the coach when leaving the ferry port.
i have not experienced any delays because of this, nor been stopped yet on the way out for the new(ish) passport check on the way out and hope this continues for september and october
went straight through outward and return, no delays on eurotunnel
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