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Hi Pierre are you taking a lightweight pup tent for the 2 of you? I understand luggage must be kept to a minimum but if you are then you should be ok.
Thanks Glynis - yes, a lightweight tent. Everything is lightweight with the exception of my good self!

I have a small trailer which carries gear for both of us. It'll be tightly packed for 3 weeks!
I can sympathise with the packing lightly dilemma. Years ago we backpacked through France to the Greek isles & even now, years later, I still pack lightly...force of habit 😁

I've found this for you which maybe helpful:-
This trip has matured a little I'm happy to say.
We parked the camping idea in favour of AirBnB, with one or two small hotels in the mix too. I have it all sorted bar the last night in Nice.

Latest dilemma: Mum will fly in on the Friday night and stay for 2 nights. Boyo and I will arrive Saturday (if we play our cards right).

She will be bringing the two oversized bike cases as well as her luggage. I'm thinking that a hotel close to the airport will be easier, she can effective drag them, or trolley them across. Question is, would we be able to cycle to such a hotel i.e. are there road limitations to cyclists in the Nice airport area?

Any local knowledge would be great. I'm sure there's alternatives - I'm all ears if there are.
Would it not be better to look for a hotel /B&B a little away from the airport? The taxi cost could be offset by the difference in prices. Also it may be nicer for mum rather than being stuck at an airport area, especially as she is only there 2 days.
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