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Castell Montgri is quite a nice site. I haven't actually camped there myself (as I only live down the road!) but it has loads of activities and stuff for kids, especially in July.

I hope I'm not being naughty here, but might be worth looking at (My only link to them is that I designed their website...!) They do runs to the airport in their own van (with a snazzy logo, obviously! hehe) so that would be easy...

Worth checking out the 'li'l companies' as you get more personalized attention..!

I don't think you're bonkers - something like a campsite is perfect with kids as they can run around and enjoy themselves more than in a hotel or apartment!!

Have a look at some other camp sites,particularly at Blanes,( camping La Masia is a good one)there will be a lot more to see and do in this area.Mongri and the Estartit area is a bit limited.
I'm planning something very similar with three kids. Cheapest way to have a holiday with a kids club included.
Canvas Holidays use the same camp sites as Keycamp and Eurocamp and are alot cheaper. If you go on their website, when you look at the sites it gives you advice on how to get there, nearest airports etc. Some of the campsites are as close as 10 km to the campsites. Have a look at the link below.
Ryan air do a alot of cheap flights.

Good Luck

The only thing i would say about these smaller companies like Go4Spain, is despite the fact that they have spent a lot of time, effort (and no doubt money) on doing up these fans (and i can vouch for that as they were a complete pain doing them up during the day when i was there in May with Redcrest - shouldnt have been allowed once the season starts!! :x ) but they ARE old vans that have been renovated, and compared to the new accommodation offered by the bigger companies like Redcrest, Siesta, etc, they do pale into comparison im afraid!

however, as Torie says, maybe the small companies give a better level of attention, although i wouldnt complain about the service Redcrest gave me :)
Oh, and meant to say to torie (as someone who likes dabbling with websites myself!) - nice work on the Go4Spain site, mate :D
La Masia in Blanes is very good and is in a town so transport is not needed. We went there with Solaire. Soliare will do coach travel from the UK as well.

If you go with Canvas and you do not have a car then I would not not recommend Castel de Mar near Roses. Lovely site but miles from anywhere and no public transport.
There are some small companies who offer personal service and attention to detail and have also invested heavily in new accommodation. Have a look at Any questions please ask no obligation we advise anyone travelling to Castell Montgri whether you've booked with us or not.

You'll have a great time and the kids will love it. The transfer from Gerona is painless and easy with us, go4spain or redcrest. Bigger boys struggle a little as it's not the norm for them.
Hi there! We flew (2+3 kids) to Girona and took a taxi to Castell Montgri 2 years ago, staying for 6 days in a Eurocamp tent. We just managed to persuade a taxi to take all 5 of us, but I think if there had been more of us I probably would have pre-booked a people-carrier type taxi.

The tents are situated in shade, and on grass. The toilet/shower blocks were the cleanest I have ever seen, just immaculate. Last year six of us (2 adults and four kids 4, 8, 16, 16) stayed in a tent (in Italy) and it was fine, bit cramped but not intolerable!

I can honestly say we never felt we needed a car, there was plenty to do on site, although if we'd stayed longer we may have ventured further afield using public transport.

The site doesn't have direct access to a beach, but it's a twenty minute walk at a sedate pace - down a quiet track then through the town. Not too bad unless it's one of those 40degC heatwaves!

I don't think you're bonkers at all BTW. Your kids will really appreciate the effort you go to, to provide them with this opportunity.
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