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We should have gone in May with friends but had to pull out at the last minute due to illness, we went on our own a month later. Both parties had similar weather starts cloudy clears during the day and clouds again late pm There was a strongish breeze most days but this helps keep the temperature bearable you really feel the heat when the breeze drops. On our second week in June the wind dropped and this saw the arrival of some mozzies. Our friends never saw any mozzies in May. From what I have read in recent reviews and from personal experience it does seem like May June is a good time to visit :sun2
Am I right in thinking that Boa Vista is a totally different island to Sal? I ask because my niece is at the riu Karamboa at the moment and friends of mine are eagerly awaiting her view on the place as they are travelling to the the Riu Garapoa (sp?) in the summer. One is on Sal and the other Boa Vista. Although these are both part of Cape Verde, aren't they two completely separate islands with their own airports?
Hi Shirley :wave:

Yes you are correct in thinking that Sal is a totally different island from Boa Vista, Cape Verde actually comprise of 10 islands and five islets spread over an area of 4,033 sq km (1,557 sq miles).

More info on The Republic of Cape Verde can be found here

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get away somewhere, probably mid May. I originally wanted something resembling Goa in the late nineties (it is spoiled now by the tour operators). I spotted a brochure that had Cape Verde, and having done a little research, it sounds quite interesting. I am also considering one of the quieter Greek islands, but it is Cape Verde I really need advice on.

I am a single man in my forties, and I do not want lager louts, union jack t-shirts, screaming children, over-development etc. I do want peace and quiet, as this is really a complete break from a high stress job and a rather painful house move last year.

Has anyone been here recently, or know people who have? I would very much appreciate any comments anyone may have, or even pointers as to articles.

Many thanks.
Hi,my wife and I were in Cape Verde in March and it is a Chill out place we went AI to the Riu Garopa on Sal with Thomson Holidays,I work in Qatar in the Gulf and Sal is as barren as Qatar.We did not have screaming kids as the complex is very large and there are plenty of places to avoid that,quite alot of Germans and Scandinavians at the hotel.
As for you it maybe better looking at the other hotels on Sal or the hotel on Boa Vista, if you just want to chill on the beach or by the pool all day Cape Verde is the place if we had not booked Barbados for our Winter 2011 holiday we would have gone back.Any more help I can be please PM me.
Hubby and I were in Boa Vista in November. We had the most amazing time, and one of the best hotels we've ever stayed at (Riu Karamboa)! No screaming children, or noisy youths just peace and tranquility. Now is the time to go there as it's in the pipeline to have 5 hotels built on the island in the next few years. Riu Karamboa is the only hotel there! We would love to return. I also love the Greek islands but Cape Verde was an amazing experience!
Been to both Sal and Boa Vista personally prefer Boa but each has their merits, There are a number of hotels on Boa but until recently you could only fly direct from UK wiith Thomson Tui and they only offered the Karamboa this year they are also offering the Royal Decameron which used to be the Venta Club.
Some further info on my website below unfortunately not updated for Sal yet
What are the prices like over there?

And from people who have been before, is there anywhere / anything of note worth going to see?

Prices there is nothing to buy except souvenir type stuff you need to take everything with you toiletries etc very expensive entertainment mostly hotel based AI so you should spend very little apart from trips which are expensive.
Anything to see only islands not spoilt by mass tourism yet, just depends what you want.
Cheers Nick.

The trips to the other islands then, what sort of prices were they last time you went?
The only other organised island trip was by plane to Fogo cost £200+ pp
The turtle trip is an absolute must. Cost us £50 each but well worth it. They took you to the hatchery by night, then at the end we could collect them all up into boxes and let them loose into the sea. Amazing to see.
If you go to Boa Vista make sure you go for a meal in the Blue Marlin. One of the locals recommended the place to us. It's not much to look at from the outside, graffiti on the walls, and very small (need to book) but we had the best food there, fresh lobster which was out of this world. Best place to eat in Boa!!
Fancy a week in January - what will the weather be like???

Looking at the Iberostat Boa Vista ?????

Used to Goa that time of year but for one reason or another can't go so thinking oh here - happy to do nothing but lie on a beach / round pool eat drink can anyone comment???
thinking of going to cape verde next year and just wondered if you can buy cigarettes on the islands or would we have to take our own?
thinking of going very end of july for 2 weeks. what sort of temperature will it be and will it be sunny or overcast?

When we were in Boa Vista I didn't see anywhere to buy cigarettes, If I was you I would get them on the plane.
We went to Boa Vista in November and the weather was glorious. Looks like the average temperature in January will be around 24 degrees.
hi, i found a really good price on a new hotel opening may 2011, would i be tempting fate to book for july? will it be ready? anyone else been in a similar situation before?
is cape verde classed as worldwide(inc usa and carribean), worldwide (exc usa and carribean) or europe for insurance? i can't find it listed on any insurance sites.
thanks in advance
Hi, I've found this website which might be of use to you- they class Cape Verde as Worldwide (excl Usa and caribbean)
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