(Cappadocia means “Land of Beautiful Horses” in the Persian language.)
The Cappadocia region is the most beautiful place of nature and history in the world.

They express the sadness of traditional Cappadocia houses carved into the rocks and dovecotes. These houses were built on the slopes of the 19th century, with rock cut stones.

The stone, which is the only architectural material of the region, can be processed very easily since it is soft after the quarry because of the volcanic structure, but after it comes into contact with the air it hardens and becomes a very durable building material. Because of the abundance of the materials used and their easy handling, stone workmanship, which is unique to the locality, has developed and become an architectural tradition. If the courtyard is necessary, the material of the house doors is wood.

The upper part of the arched doors is decorated with stylized ivy or rosette motifs. The dovecotes in the foreground are small structures made in the late 19th and early 18th centuries.Some of the pigeon houses, which are important in terms of showing Islamic painting art, were built as monasteries or churches. The surface of pigeon was adorned with rich ornaments and inscriptions by local artists.

It is a balloon tour that makes Cappadocia even more beautiful. For those who love a romantic atmosphere, you can watch sunrise and sunset by enjoying balloons.Cappadocia is the city of love after Istanbul.

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