Bhutan, the mystical Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a country which must be visited by every enthusiatic tourist. This place with its awesome scenic beauty and calm spiruality leaves a lasting impression on you. I was lucky enough to have recently visited Bhutan. The sights and sounds of the country still linger wth me and I am already planning a repeated visit over here.

While planning my stay in Bhutan, I took a lot of help from various forums. So I have compiled an extensve travel blog of 8100 words that covers all the relevant details pertaining to this countryl such as visa, transportation, recommendations, itinerary and places to be visited . I have covered the following places in this blog.

Haa Valley
Dochula Pass

I request all the visitors to this forum to read the blog (link given below) after which I am sure you will be want to visit this country. It will be really nice of you can leave yourkind comments in this forum as well.