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Hi Richard

Car 2nd hand and new are so expensive in Tenerife! There are places around though. We shipped our car out and we will be driving over soon when we go for good, if you took a car over I can tell you everything about the law and the matriculation and the best people to do it for you. Will ask around for you for 2nd hand car contacts and if I get any numbers or websites I will let you know.


Jane & Malc
Strange. I found second hand car market soooo cheap!

I bought a one & a half year old Astra 1.6 petrol for €5500, which translated as £1000 cheaper than the UK book price for the same condition car.

Shipping for my car would have come to more than £3000 so i sold it!

There are many places to go. Check out the local English papers when you get here. Pick em up when you visit Iceland shop (which you will no doubt be doing just like the rest of us :lol: )

Rachael's garage may be a good place to start looking. She will give good honest advice. 0034 922735250

You will need an NIE and a visit to your local town hall for a certificate of residence (temporary) before you can buy one, but all of the car sales places help you with this.
when i was last over there i had a quick look at prices and thought they were cheaper than the uk from what you say makum110 i agree the cost for shipping my £700 (if i am lucky) old banger it not worth it.
i am looking for a work horse not a pulling wagon. i need it for work with an estate with roof rack for ladders etc.
so a new one just wont do.

Richard -

Just like the UK second hand car trade there are sharks out here. But PM (i dont want to blacken anyones name in public) me nearer the time you come out and I'll tip you off on the ones I have been told are not to be trusted. Not that you shouldnt look, just so your forewarned :wink:
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