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:welcome back !

Package deal are still not cheap at the moment as I've been looking for ages (although I've got single supplement to add on). Have you tried Olympic? Park Avenue is coming up at about £636 but otherwise it seems that most of the holiday companies want £700 +.
Travelzoo is a good site to keep an eye on as they have one off reductions and I was lucky to get a deal with them last year. (stayed at Park Avenue)

There are several sites that do rentals and I'm sure someone on here willl soon point you in the right direction.


is one that seems popular.

Good luck :cheers
We used Holiday Lettings for our holiday last Jan ,a number of owners use them .
hi,friends of ours got a good deal with travelpack £990 for 4 weeks staying at the marinha dourada
hi,friends of ours got a good deal with travelpack £990 for 4 weeks staying at the marinha dourada

Presumably that's per head and is well above the £600 Yorkshirepudding had in mind ! Travelpack can get you flights only with Qatar for £510 ish. Southall Travel appears to be the same.
Depending when you want to go, Monarch holidays have some packages that are not too far over budget. 3/12/2009 for 2 weeks
which might be the simple way to get it sorted.
try here

Good luck ! Dave
:cheers hi have u tried travelpublic,co,uk had a good 3 wk deal with them good luck
Thanks all,
booked our holiday last night. Two weeks at the Marina Dourada with Thomson. Internet price £660 for two weeks departing 26 Nov. Seems like a decent hotel in the reviews. At least we are not flying with Monarch.
hi yorkshirepudding that really is a great deal,we always stay at the marinha it is a lovely hotel,in really beautifull surroundings,enjoy!!
That's an excellent deal. We are there at the same time as you (roughly) and we have paid about the same but are not on a direct flight. Last year we paid 50% more for a 3 week holiday.
The MD is , IMO, an excellent value for money hotel. Close enough to everything but far enough away too ! Arpora is walkable and has a good selection of eating places. The only time it will be noisy is Saturday night when the market is on, and that's a big if too as last year it failed to happen.
YP, you will love it, great hotel, one of the very best in North Goa.
Thats a good price, the last time I checked it was over £800 per person.
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