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Can anyone tell me if there are any Tabac shops in Malaga, we are only there for a few hours while on a cruise and don't think we will have time to go far to find a shop?
Just asked hubby and he thinks there was one between the port and the railway station. When you come off the ship, with the town in front of you and the sea behind, you would walk to your left. I think it was maybe 1/2 a mile along the main street.

I seem to remember seeing one in the middle of Malaga on one of the side streets. I'm also now thinking there was one near the cafes on the main street not far from the port, but that depends on where the ship docks.

Unfortunatley I couldn't swear to any of them and my memory is a bit sketchy.

Your best bet would be to ask a local or at a cafe where the nearest Tabac is.

luci :wave
Thanks Luci, as long as there is one in the town somewhere and I don't need to get a bus or train anywhere.

I'll ask a local.
Just arrived back from benalmadena on wednesday with our duty free tobacco and cigs. After we bought them I was reading the Thomas Cook information folder in the hotel before we left and was surprised to find out that the 3kg of tobacco per person and 3200 cigs allowance does not apply when flying from Malaga airport to the UK. According to Thomas Cook the cig allowance from Spain is 800 plus 200 from Gibralter and 1kg tobacco from Spain. We had already bought a whole load more than this as we always do and thankfully we did not get stopped at the airport. :sun2
We got back from Malaga on Wednesday, and we were stopped at customs (Leeds Bradford) and we were told that the allowance (guidance only the officer said) is 3,200 cigarettes and 3kgs of tobacco. We had 6,400 cigs and also tobacco between the two of us and we were ok.
Also if you look at the HM Customs website, it tells you the same.
Gibraltar is not in the EU so that's why you can only bring 200 out.
Seems like Thomas Cook have got it wrong, Linda.
I don't believe that the 800 cigarettes restriction is on entering the UK, it is on exiting Spain. Somebody I work with was spot-checked at Malaga Airport on their way home and had 4,800 cigarettes confiscated by the Spanish authorities. They were carrying 3,200 each but were only allowed to bring home 800 each.

Hi Linda
Thomas Cook didn't get it wrong.
3,200 is the guideline for bringing cigs
the UK, but the law for taking them
of Spain still states 800.
Technically, they are within their rights to confiscate anything over 800 and impose a fine.
Spain treats anything over 800 as export and you should have an accompanying document, but these documents are as rare as rocking horse poo and when you ask for one, the tobacconists look at you with a blank stare. :roll:
The best advice I can give is....
Keep hold of all your receipts from the purchase of tobacco products, preferably in your pocket until you're back in your own house....this will at least prove you have paid the Spanish tax on them (IVA).

Marjrie. There is a tobaconist I know of near the port.Its located at C/ Puerto del Mar 5-7,just off Almada Principal.Its run by a Francisco Garcia Marques.
Another I know of is in C/Keromnes. Located in barrio La Malagueta area just past the bull ring.
You could ask a taxi driver for these addreses if you dont fancy the walk.
Or you could ask him "por favor, hay estanco cerca por aqui?".
thanks for that info, very useful.
Not sure about what "por favor, hay estanco cerca por aqui?" means so will try and walk to one I think ;)
As those of you who have read the Costa Blanca forum, Golden Virginia has been reduced to 35 euros for 10x 50 gram pouches down from 45, at all Spanish state run Tobacos.I rang a friend who works at Estanco San Miguel and he confirmed this.
Cigarettes remain unchanged.
A friend is going to Costa del sol next week,can anyone tell me how much I will need to give him to get me 200 Fortuna or Ducados?

I have booked an overnight trip to Torromolinos to stock up on cigarettes as i have just been made redundant.
I land at Malaga at 20:15 on a Sat night and fly home on a Sunday.

However, a friend has informed me that the Tabac shops will all be closed.

Is he correct?
If not could anyone please tell me of anywhere that will be open late on Sat nights or open on Sundays within travelling distance of Malaga ?

You should have no problem in the resorts, I'm sure I got some on a Sunday in Torremolinos.
As a last resort there is always the airport (a bit more expensive) and there is a tabac shop just outside.

Robby :wink:
Thought i would answer my own post as it might come in handy for someone else in the Future.

Only tabac shop i could find open on a Sunday was outside departures at Malaga airport on the 2nd floor (same level as railway station).
Tobacos Gonzales is open on a Sunday, limited hours,not far from windmill roundabout Benalmadena.
hi, does anyone have an up to date price for tobacco in benalmadena please? thanks. mandy

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