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ijduffell say that ordinary road users should have a little respect for us caravanners after watching the video

Drivng is just the half of it before we even leave home we must be sure the toatal weight of the caravan doesn't exceed 84% of the cars max kerbside weight (if it does the towing vehicle can not exceed 45mph in a 50/60/70mph zone)
that the caravan is weighted correctly otherwise it affects the towability
that we have extension mirrors (3 points if you don't)
that all the lights work
that the stabiliser is functional
that the jockey wheel is correctly clamped up
that the brakes on the van are off

then some of us also have the motor mover to check that we have disengaged it

Then we get hampered by UK law which states that we must obey restricted speed limits on road displaying the National Speed limit signs
50 mph on single carriageways
60mph on dual carriageways or Motorways (and we are not allowed in the outside lane of a three or more lane motorway)

but then this is supposed to be observed by all drivers towing any trailer

To contrast this

French road law says that if the trailer weighs less than the towing vehicle then there are no restrictions on speed except that in place on the road on which you are travelling

no hold ups there because of caravans just like the experiment on the M5 last year that showed it was not the caravans causing the tailbacks
little respect for us

should read a lot of respect.
there is a great deal of skill involed in towing a caravan.
the length of the towing vehicle and the caravan are relatively close. and with the turning circle of cars tricky manouvres are made more difficult, if the tractor unit such on an arctic lorry is short by comparison and can turn on a sixpence and the long trailer are combined there is some ease, all trailers will cut corners and it is certainly an art to tow safely.
i do have admiration ,although yes i have been guilty of caravan curse,Ii also know many drivers who would get into a real pickle when trying to do the same..
and as you point out ,the extra laws that govern are no easy feat to get to grips with either.
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