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Arman Tours, just down the hill from Hotel Bali in Avenida Telefonica, currently sells a Gib shopping trip for 10 euros. That gives you five unfettered hours on the Rock - surely enough time to check out those tunnels.
If you drive yourself be aware. The Spanish do everything in their power to make your trip awkward. They take you on a roundabout route to the rock. They have signs to car parks that are deliberatly misleading and then disappear altogether. We intended to leave our car in Spain and walk onto the rock (there is a bus service on good old double deckers from the border into town). But before we knew it we were at the border and it was too late, we ad to take the car in. To this day I don't actually know whether the insurance on the hire car actually covered us in Gib! Then when you tey to leave the Spanish border guards atop every 2nd or 3rd car so you end up in a 4 lane queue for ages waiting to get out. Personally I think we should have another war and take over the whole of Spain. Ungrateful so and sos after all we did kick Napoleon out for them!
We used Arman tours when it was called Jasmine tours because the value for money was just great. Went again last year and had a great day out.
the shop just across the road from the Hotel Bali is best.its 9 euro for shop and 22 euro for the tour...the guide was unreal full of info and very funny.they do a very good job.just make sure your back at the bus the time they say.makes life easy for them.we all was.but he did say some are 20 mins late.which is not fair on others.

good day out.but take warm jacket and listen well to the guide on duty free items ect.and best way to pay
Thanks for all the information. We decided to hire a car in the end as there was 5 of us. We booked it through Arman tours and we think got a good deal. It was cheaper than paying for 5 of us to go to Gib on the coach and meant that we could go/return at what time we wanted.

Never made the WWII tunnels as it turned out that to do them you have to purchase the tickets for the Seige Tunnels (£14) as well as the WWII tunnels (£8). We spoke to two separate taxi guys and they both said it was a waste of money; just some guns and pictures on the wall. So we decided just to spend the day wandering around.

Having driven to Gib twice before, we knew to park just outside the border along the harbour side. Cost was 5 euros for the day. We then just walked over the border (takes about 20 mins). We had been told about the possibility of the car being searched the first time we went over so have never bothered to take it.

Anyone with any questions, feel free to ask.

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