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Day trips
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We hired a car, so did them by ourselves - sorry :(
Hel & Ali,

I go along with Glynis. Day trips can work out expensive and car hire is relatively cheap. So do your sums.

Work out what trips you want to go on and how much they cost, price these with the company you are going with and also against local travel firms. Then look at car hire.

We always DIY with a car, remember you have the car for the whole day, the trip may only last a couple of hours.
Ok thanks Peter will look into it xx
Should have added,

The day trip brochure from your tour rep or the local companies will also give you an idea of places to see.
I'd go with the Car hire but if you do book a trip don't book it with your tour rep, use last minute travel, they have plenty of offices and there are always plenty of leaflets going about.
Customer Travel do a lot of day trips, also Last Minute transfers is the other company, we have used both, which are excellent and reasonable
I am in a minority here as I dont hire a car abroad - I do drive but I like to have drink so wont mix the two - so I do tend to book a trip with theTO if I am intrested in one, these days Imdon't tend to do too many trips in Spain etc as been a few times.

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