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DIY to Lindos
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Lindos is quite a trek from the airport and will cost a fortune in a taxi.
I have known people in the past get a last minute deal to faliraki with club 18-30 for 99 quid(and cheaper)for 2 weeks and get a taxi to Lindos and book accomodation there.If you cant manage to find accomodation you always have a base in faliraki to fall back on :lol:
You can get a taxi for around 50 euros to Lindos..Check the price board across from the airport...All the taxis in Rhodes must abide by set prices so please check before you jump in the taxi...Your taxi will take you to Lindos Reception as there is no motor transport allowed in Lindos ...just ask at the bar there and Im sure you will have a great time...
Id say Lindos is bout an hour away from the airport by taxi.You wont find it that expensive,due to the fact as stated above,they must abide to set prices.
You will be dropped off at either a reception area,or most likely the taxi rank,which is a couple of minutes before reception,and right at the edge of the village.
From there you will find numerous studios for rent directly,or through the agents offices which are dotted about.
One word of advice,dont expect any extravagant accomodation in Lindos itself.For hotels,pools etc,you need to be looking above the village,or either in Vliha bay,just before Lindos,or Pefkos,just after Lindos
I have been to Rhodes on package and d.i.y. holidays - it varies as to which is cheaper.

My last visit to Rhodes i booked an allocation on arrival deal, @ £165 only £5 more than flight only. This was ideal as we had a nt flight it gave us a transfer and accommodation. We ended up in Afandou so after a few hrs sleep we got a taxi into Lindos the next morning. I left the girls in a bar with the luggage n went on the hunt for accommodation. You can expect to pay between £20-40 a nt for a basic studio. If you check with the operators rep in resort you might be able to get on the transfer coach from Lindos on your return journey (we did).

I have also managed to book a package to Lindos for £225 in the past so i'd check every operator just to see your best option.

A taxi from the airport will cost around £50, more after midnight and the driver might charge extra for your luggage. If you're on a day flight and in no rush, a cheaper option is to get the bus across the road into Rhodes town (about 20/30 mins) then change in Rhodes town for the bus to Lindos (about 1h30m).

You can book accommodation in advance but as it's mainly small accommodations you won't find much on the web. Try Lindos Suntours or a good, central studio with a/c i've hired privately tel. 003022440 - can't remember the name but comfortably sleeps 3/4, cost us £70pp for a week.

Whatever you decide, ENJOY LINDOS! :D
Hi Markus would you please not post in abbreviation ie phone text as this is not allowed on the forums. Although you are only using the 'u' 'nt' we request that members do not post in this fashion incase it a) becomes a habit and b) it may lead to further abbreviations.

Many thanks
Will remember in future, though it's Mar'C'us. :)
thanks for your help everyone!!!
You can get to Lindos easily by bus from Rodos.
Accomodation is in very short supply in Lindos for independent travellers, mainly due to Brit package operators taking up everything even off the main season. What little is available is poor and very expensive.

In a place like Lindos you'll need this :gluck
I don't know where Ouzo gets his information from but he's wide of the mark on this one. There is loads of accommodation available within the village. A lot of the tour companies have stopped offering the village rooms as more and more tourists are looking to stay in some of the modern complexes that have sprung up above the village. Even in the height of the season you'll find plenty of rooms available right in the heart of the village. Yes they can be basic, but many of the locals are starting to realise that they have to meet the challange of the newer apartmnet complexes and are pricing their rooms accordingly. Expect to pay from €30 per night for a double with private facilities.
If you read Ouzo's previous reports concerning Lindos you'll soon see that this particular member seems to have a serious problem with Lindos in general. He doesn't have a good thing to say about it, I however love it and would thoroughly recommend it.
There is plenty of accomodation in Lindos and surrounding villages, Pekfos, Kalathos, Lardos etc.

A lot is allocated to tour operators, prices vary dramatically for 'walk-in' rates - depending on the season/demand.

The best advice I can give you is to try a local agent or similar and check with them by phone or email prices for studios.

Studios are available for about 20ukp per night in Lindos if you aske the right people :)
I have been travelling to Lindos DIY for many years, I now use a company called and they are spot on, you can get cheap flights, accommodation, insurance everything that you need and its completely DIY, say you just want accommodation, tell them what you want say a Villa or apartment and they will find one for you, within your budget!

They have a newsletter called the Lindos news if you subscribe (its free) you get loads of tips about how to get the best etc and some facinating articles on the place! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope this information is of some use!
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