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Double rooms
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To me, a double room is one room with one double bed in it.

Agree with Elaine, a double room is a room with one double bed in it. :)
Agree with the above replies. A double is normally a "double" bed, and a twin is two "single" beds, although quite often a double room consists of two "singles" being pushed together to make a "double", if you know what I mean :hmmm .

Robby :wink:
Its very rare to hear the description 'Double Room' these days. Its either a 'Twin Room' or a Single Room, or in some accomodations, 'Family Room'.

And as has been advised above, Twin Roms will consist in the main of two seperate single beds which generally get pushed together ( by the guests :love and moved apart by the cleaners :no ) to form a double bed :wink:

If your Holiday Confirmation Invoice confirms your booking as a 'Double Room' then you should get a double ( not king sized though ) bed. If it states 'Twin Room' then you can expect two single beds.

Single Rooms are normally very small rooms with just one single bed, but are sometimes twin rooms, and you get the choice of which bed you want to use. ( Thats very rare though, but if your're lucky it can happen ).

Family Rooms will generally consist of either a double bed or two single beds with a further 'fold-up' bed or possible sofa bed. There is also room for a Cot which you generally arrange with the Reception staff. Some family rooms, depending on size of hotel etc may be furnished with two double beds.

I think it also depends on where you are taking your holiday. In Europe?, the USA? Here in the UK? I say this because when I travelled to the USA in the early 1980's I had booked a 'single room' and on arrival I was allocated a room with two huge king-sized double beds. But apparantley there was no mistake, and this was a single room?!? :?

If you have a brochure of that shows your accomodation, or if you can access your accomodation details on line, more often then not you will see photos off the bedroom and you can see from these pics what sort of bed is in the room.
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