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Lovely read Elaine. Dubrovnik has been on my weekend break list for several years but whenever I've looked flight prices have always been a bit on the high side to make it worthwhile for 2/3 days. I think it needs to go closer to the top again.
Thanks Elaine for your report :cheers

We stayed in Cavtat a few years ago and took one of the little boats over to Dubrovnik a couple of times.

Your accommodation sounds lovey although it would probably take me double your time to climb 500 steps :D
Last summer I was in Dubrovnik, I travel by Hick-hicking the best city where I ever been but very expensive :/
If you want to visit some city like Dubrovnik (with see and mountain) I recommend MAKARSKA, tourist city (400 km from DubroVnik) if you want a quiet places I recommend BaskaVoda, this is small tourist town, and you can sleep under the sky if you have a tempt, both city is under the mountain and see (of course ;)
Just back from DBV and I have to day be very careful if you rent an apartment or hotel in the middle of the old town. Bars with music dont close until 0200 (nice), thud thud of music (not nice), rubbish collectors and recycling men 0300-0700, church bells at 0600 onwards...we did three nights them decamped to a hotel outside the old town. An amazing beautiful place but do ya knowledge before hand !
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