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You will find it more expensive than 2002 but then so is everywhere! It depends where you go but we came back a couple of weeks ago and were paying around 20 lira each for a meal with meze and a main course in a harbour side restaurant. Back street pide places were still very cheap, we payed 4 lira for a mixed pide. Coffee was around 3 lira, tea 1 lira, G&T 8 lira, raki 7 lira. I think beer was around 4 or 5 lira. Wine as always was pricey and we don't usually drink it. Having also had recent holidays in France, Italy and Switzerland, it was cheaper than eating out in any of those.
Just returned from Icmeler,

Efes 3 - 5 lira
Coffee and Tea 2 - 5 lira
Water, small 1-3 lira
Chicken dishes, 10 - 16 lira
Steak dishes 18 - 24 lira
Burgers with chips etc, 5 - 10 lira
Breakfasts 4 - 7 lira
Spirits 6 - 8 lira
Imported spirits 10 - 15 lira

Hope this helps.

You can always find one or two cheaper bars/restaurants here and there if you shop around (we found a bar just down the road from our hotel selling large efes for 2 lira :cheers ) but generally speaking we found prices in Olu Deniz this year (02/06/08-16/06/08) to be pretty much the same as Mary has listed in the previous post.
if you go to market efes 1,5 YTL (lira) in there
0,5 lt water between 0,5 lira- 1 lira :)
1 euro=1,95 lira

there was a economic crisis in 2002
now there is a global crisis :) but it s low than 2002
Thank you for your replies everybody that's helpful. :-D
Its still cheap but you have to look for the cheap ones, Last week in the Marmaris Gunesi hotel situated close to Marmaris market we were getting a set meal for 15 Lira which included, Soup, Chicken, Mushroom or Tomato, Turkish Nan bread with a choice of three dips, And the main meal which you can choose from the main menu which included Steak, Chicken, Pasta, Casseroles note loads of different dishes, 2 Glasses of wine also all for slightly over £6, Everyones welcome to eat in this Hotel guest or not.
I went to Greece in 2005, Turkey 2006 and am going back to Turkey in 2008.

To be honest we didnt see much difference in price between the holidays in 05 & 06.
We had similar style holidays. family of 4, two weeks AI in school summer hols.

The holidays cost the same price and we used about 1K spending. We ate out a few times to ring the changes, did 3 expensive full-day Thomson trips in Turkey, but hired a car for the fortnight in Crete (hubbie wont drive in Turkey :que ), these two costs were about the same, so kind of cancel each other out.

The Euro rate has suffered but so has the Lira, so I would just choose the one you fancy.

Re Greece, I think that the costs can vary from Island to Island, ie somewhere 'posh" like Santorini or Skiathos, is much dearer than a main stream Island like Crete, Rhodes, Corfu etc. I don't think this happens in Turkey so much.

Doe :sun2

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