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If you google it it should return some results. Try insure and go, or essential travel.
Thanks Sunaddict,I was insured with Insure and go before Staysure but changed when they no longer included Egypt and Tunisia,which are the 2 places we like to visit in the winter months.
Maybe they have changed their underwriter so will give them a ring.
try Columbus direct ive found them to be really good I know its not the same thing but I have many medical problems I got the same cover on a like for like basis with another company for £ 80 cheaper so give them a try they are really helpful :cheers
Thanks for replies.
I have just discovered that Insure and Go do cover Egypt but when I was going to renew my insurance with them in August 2011 I was informed they no longer include Egypt or Tunisia so I changed to Staysure who happened to have the same underwriter?
PS .I have just renewed my insurance with Insure and Go who were £149 cheaper than Columbus.!
Off to Thomson tomorrow. :tup
jay trip glad you are sorted I tried insure and go they wanted £60 more than Columbus just goes to show its best to shop around :cheers
Just renewed annual policy with Insure and Go - Better level of cover than last year,including pre existing medical conditions -but the premium went down by £20!! :tup
That's odd Jean, I've used insure and go for years, Probably around 6 or 7 and have been to Egypt every year. I have had a couple of years where I have needed worldwide cover but on the whole have always been covered for Egypt with them, although must admit some years I may have forgotten to re-check when I renew. Maybe it was something to do with the problems there at the time rather than them changing their European boundaries.

I've always found them very good and they do cover many activities as standard. I've made a few claims too over the years. I've never had to pay extra for my sons medical condition and find that when I need to go through that process every year at renewal it's very straightforward.. most questions are based around seeing, being referred or medication within the last 3-5 years. I have tried to offer other medical info going back to his early childhood but have been told to just answer Yes or no to the 3 or 5 years..
They sound really good where pre excising conditions are concerned as I always give the companies my complete medical history. :rofl
Last year I phoned Staysure to inform them of a slight eye condition and when they went through the medical questions again the person I spoke to added £41 to my policy because I had treatment on my back 32 years ago!
Insure and Go only go back 5 years which is great and the price I have paid this year is lower than any I have had for the last few years.
When it was due to be renewed I phoned Staysure and said I wanted my £40 deducting from the new insurance.
Obviuosly it wasnt going to happen so I told them I wasnt renewing with them.
Strange thing was when I did have Insure and Go insurance a couple of years ago I had been to Hurghada and Tunisia and them was told they were no longer included in the European policy.
It wasnt until I renewed with Staysure that I discovered they had the same underwriter Mapfrey so I must have been given the wrong information.
I know of 2 people who have had serious illnesses where they have had to have an air ambulance home and Insure and Go have been excellent and paid out straight away. :tup
Lets hope we never have to put them to the test on a medical claim Jean :)
I agree and have been thinking about only going to EU countries but when I queried about the countries it covered I was told Cyprus ,Spain,Malta and Turkey are the most expensive for medical care. :que

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